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([personal profile] cadenzamuse Mar. 3rd, 2015 01:35 pm)
Today is a bad executive function day, case: brainweasels. Got up to head to Columbus for class, got distracted by fanfiction, forgot to open the blinds, as a result ended up with extra no-light brainweasels + inability to decide whether or not to drive to class (we were supposed to get freezing rain). Eventually decided to go out in the freezing rain (which was mostly rain), and go to class. I honestly don't know whether I made the right decision: if I get stuck in Columbus tonight (more freezing rain + snow), I think it may be worse, because sleeping next to T. is really beneficial for my mental health. Spent most of the drive over on the phone--I know it's dangerous, but I really needed an Air Traffic Controller for my brain, or at least a distraction, because otherwise I was pretty sure I was gonna just stop. Or turn around. Because the black hole of my house was sucking me in, and I needed the Air Traffic Controller to decide whether that was self-preservation or brainweasels.

Anyway, I'm here for my second class, and I'm convincing myself to sit through it by thinking of it as "sock knitting time + a few notes" rather than "lecture + discussion." Fortunately, I like the professor and he likes me (he wrote me a recommendation letter for the program), so it will be less disrespectful than it sounds. (Especially considering last week was "This third of the classroom are clearly all depressive, because we all have Extra Special Intense Depressive midterm + weather symptoms." I PTSD-ed out of class for a bit, and one of my friends went home halfway through. (Have I told y'all this already?)

So yes, today is as bad as it sounds, but mostly I've been having decent days--couldn't think of much to update the psychiatrist on yesterday other than I'm busy and happy with working at my local yarn store and taking classes and volunteering.

In other news, now that I am slowly making my way through A Game of Thrones (the book, obvs), I really want this shirt:

But there are other things I need more (not that I can think of any of them right now, thanks, lack of piloting in my brain), so it may have to wait.

Right now, hand-knitted socks, The Flash, and T. are my happy things.
1) How well did it work for not being Tired For No Reason?

2) If you've also tried Adrafinil, how about that?

(Psychiatrist was talking about putting me on Modafinil, but insurance probably won't cover it.)
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([personal profile] snarp Mar. 3rd, 2015 01:00 pm)
which also somehow involved me coming up with a gemsona for a Steven Universe RP?

I looked it up to see what might qualify as a gemstone that was commonly found in limestone caves, because Kentucky. There was a list on Wikipedia in which the third and fourth entries were stones called "Stunko" and "Junko."

me: But which to choose...?

I went with Stunko because I didn't want anyone thinking I was RPing as Mizuno Junko or Enoshima Junko. Could be confusing.
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([personal profile] hawkwing_lb Mar. 3rd, 2015 04:42 pm)
Today I have committed bureaucracy, and also gym. Give us this day our daily bread, and deliver us from waiting in ticketed lines, for lo it is a small evil among many small evils.

It was relatively painless, as these things go, except for the part where I have to go back again tomorrow to collect my new ration of paperwork. Adulting. I am doing it? Especially since I also bought socks. Socks without holes in are important. I probably should not have bought socks, because money, but, well. The sock drawer is deeply embarrassing right now.

And gym.

Benchpress: 1x5 @60kg, 3x5 @65kg
Squats: 1x10 @20kg, 1x10 @25kg, 1x10 @27.5kg.
Sundry other weightlifting things, like military press and other things whose names I have forgotten, at embarrassingly small weights.
Cycling, resistance 8, 10km in 28:45.
Rowing, resistance 10, 2km in 11:00.

It is very pleasant to have energy to go forth and do things. Also it is very pleasant that the sun is shining, even though it remains cold. It is thirdly very pleasant that I know many wonderful people who are kind and appear to like me, which I can appreciate all the better now the thesis is submitted, and fourthly it is very pleasant to have LEISURE TIME.

Fifthly: sleeping normal people hours and waking up in mornings? The novelty and wonder, it has not worn off.
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([personal profile] rmc28 Mar. 3rd, 2015 02:36 pm)
The top of the sandy bank was a good six feet above the water.

[This post is part of my Watership Down read through. You are welcome to join in at any time; please read my introduction post first.]

(Also, I missed two weekends in a row.  This is the post that should have been made 21/22 Feb;  I'll make another on Thursday to get us back on track.)

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([personal profile] oursin Mar. 3rd, 2015 01:31 pm)

I think my suspension of disbelief is always stretched by those plots which involve Our Protag setting up some incredibly convoluted long game in the service of vengeance or an elaborate con (or a combination of the two), involving false identity/ies and deception on a wide scale. And everything going exactly as according to plan.

However, if they have at the most one, maybe two, close confederates I will give this a pass (and in fact the prime examples I can think of are in Dorothy Dunnett or else Eugenides in the Attolia books, i.e. with the strongest of tendencies to play a lone hand).

What I cannot be doing with is the notion that this is a way to run a political conspiracy aimed at overthrowing a corrupt system -

Unless, of course, what you have here is the Henry Treece Ask for King Billy stratagem of having a visible person apparently about the business in hand with the MacGuffin to distract the villains while the actual necessary task is being done in a quiet and unobtrusive way under the radar by somebody else.

But if not, what it reminds me of is the Newer Better Mousetrap invented by Michael Bentine as a mad scientist in It's a Square World, which involved luring your mouse into a Heath Robinsoneque labyrithine machine, which eventually tipped it into a vat of whisky. When it climbed out, it was confronted with a magnifying mirror, and went forth and picked a fight with the nearest cat.

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([personal profile] kate_nepveu Mar. 3rd, 2015 08:20 am)
Hey DW,

Chad's doing a workshop and wants to get a diverse group of participants, but hand-coding free-form demographic responses would be suboptimal in light of the number of applications he expects. For a reasonably compact gender identification list, what would you suggest? Mine was cis female, trans female, cis male, trans male, genderqueer, agender, other, decline to state; corrections, improvements, rejections?

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([personal profile] liv Mar. 3rd, 2015 11:02 am)
Reason for watching it: We screened it for the second year students, who are getting to the point where they're spending enough time in clinical environments that there's a good chance they will see someone die in the coming months. The idea is that they get a supportive environment in which to do at least some of the emotional work ahead of dealing with this for real, and hopefully they then won't completely fall apart when that happens. (There's a ton of research about the detrimental effects of medical students and trainee doctors not being adequately prepared to deal with death, but nobody quite knows what "adequately prepared" looks like. So we're working on it.)

Circumstances of watching it: Ugh, this term! I've had a solid six weeks with a heavy enough teaching and marking load that I feel I've been running a Red Queen's race since the new year, I haven't had time to do anything at all non-urgent, and it's making me really anxious. In theory things were supposed to slow down by the end of February; in practice everybody's kind of scrabbling, and the school were short of staff for running a bunch of sessions through March, so I've ended up roped into more teaching in the coming weeks. And because it's all last minute cover it's all in bits of the curriculum well outside my expertise. I really didn't want to be a facilitator for this session where we get the students to talk about death, but needs must. I kind of feel like this is one of the times where it's more important than usual to have a clinician leading, cos it's not just factual knowledge, it's being able to speak from experience of dealing with death as a doctor. But I suppose I was better than no-one.

Verdict: Wit is thought-provoking if at times over-dramatic.

So, look, the whole point of this film is that it's 90 minutes of the protagonist dying of cancer. Not in real time, it covers several months from diagnosis to the end, but the whole film, and therefore my review, is about illness and dying within the medical system.

fictional death )

It seems possible that I'm somewhat emotionally affected by this; the film is genuinely harrowing in places as well as a bit over-dramatic. And running the discussion where I had to manage a lot of the medical students' emotions was pretty draining, I think, especially coming on top of generally stressful stuff. So lots of things that should be fine are feeling daunting, just now. Send hugs pls?
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([personal profile] snarp Mar. 3rd, 2015 12:32 am)
I had to eat orange dye because modern medicine is confusing.

Mom picked up the orange dye for me. The dude pharmacist had no idea what she was talking about, but the lady pharmacist was just, "ah yes, the orange dye that you eat because modern medicine is confusing, yes it's right over here next to the products with pictures of cranberries on them."
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(I was waiting to post this with another rec, but nothing's been catching my eye lately)

Title: light and the world's turning
Author: [personal profile] staranise
Fandom: Jupiter Ascending
Characters: Jupiter Jones/Caine Wise
Words: 1,300
Rating: Mature (BDSM, some blood)
Summary: Prompt: Caine expected the sex and to do what he's told and to like it. He didn't expect to be taken care of and cuddled and thanked afterwards too.
Notes: There's been a fair bit of femdomme in this fandom which is a happy making thing for me, and I just love the addition of the sweet aftercare here and the slow coming down from sex. Great fic.
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([personal profile] yhlee Mar. 2nd, 2015 09:44 pm)
This is my attempt to mope less. It's not very scientific, but the basic idea is I am a writer and this is a really neurosis-making profession, so I should keep on hand a list of things that I can do that will just plain make me feel good. No-strings-attached possibilities.

Here's the current one:

- Ren'py experiment
- mini gamebook
- Twine game
- watch Elementary (on loan from my sister)
- play The Soulforge
- write up Windhammer 2014 winner
- write up Coming Out on Top
- get Copic blending markers
- work on hexarchate Tarot: The Magician (Cheris)
- cross-stitch (courtesy of [personal profile] rosefox, especially now that I have thread for doing the grid thing whose name I have forgotten but which seems like a good idea)
- Marvel Heroes 2015 with Joe
- Yomi
- Sunless Sea
- compose piano sketches

Whenever I'm stuck for something fun/relaxing, I can just turn to this list and see if something suits! Meanwhile, to work on that writeup of Coming Out on Top. :)
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([personal profile] yhlee Mar. 2nd, 2015 08:14 pm)
Does anyone want a jar of what appears to be shrimp powder? I have no idea why my mother thought I needed shrimp powder.

USA-only this time because customs forms for food are a pain. But if you want it, also yours for free!
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([personal profile] sholio Mar. 2nd, 2015 03:54 pm)
I took a nap and things were looking up, but then I poured dishwater down my front while washing a roasting pan. Perhaps it would be a good idea not to operate heavy machinery today.

.... There's also the fact that Current Freelance Client hasn't gotten me my changes back, which means I could technically spend the whole day writing fanfic. I probably shouldn't, but I could!

On a further fannish side note, with Agent Carter just ending and Agents of SHIELD coming back soon ... I don't know how many of you guys know about [ profile] avengersgen, but it's a gen prompt comm for the whole MCU, and they just started a new round. Got any Carter prompts you want to see? :D That's pretty much all I've been writing lately, though I haven't posted anything because it's all turning out long. I'm getting back into writing fanfic a bit more, though, and I'm back into the MCU, so if there is something gen you want to see written, leave a prompt and I just might write you something. :D
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([personal profile] bookchan Mar. 2nd, 2015 05:42 pm)
I love how during the day at work I'm like I'm going to get this thing done as soon as I get home from work. Get home from work, take off my shoes...what? there was something I was supposed to be doing? Oh well, I'll do it tomorrow.
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([personal profile] liv Mar. 2nd, 2015 08:37 pm)
Reason for watching it: I have a feeling I saw a trailer for it and thought it looked fun, and [personal profile] jack independently thought of it as a film we might both enjoy. It's had really surprisingly little buzz, goodness knows there's enough Disney fans, both adult and child, in my social circles.

Circumstances of watching it: I had a weekend that was in some ways wonderful, cos I got to spend time with people I really like, including [personal profile] khalinche and [personal profile] ceb. But in some ways a bit difficult, because I scheduled too many social things and didn't have quite enough time or focus for any of them, and I didn't handle communicating about this very well. Anyway, in the middle of this [personal profile] jack and I managed to plan a date to mark three years of marriage and seven years together. So, film.

Verdict: Big Hero 6 is a lovely piece of animation, albeit in service of a weak plot.

detailed review )

I found the film really endearing and exciting and just the thing for a date. I'd also be really intrigued to see it with children in the age-range of its target audience. I mean, I like it better than pretty much any other children's film I've seen since Wall·E, but I can see why something like Frozen was more commercially successful.

The showing also included a short, Feast, which I didn't really love. It has a very cute puppy, but the animation wasn't particularly great and the storyline is your basic boy meets girl, boy loses girl, boy proves his love by stalking girl shtick, and the cute puppy doesn't much make me favour that plot shape.
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([personal profile] snarp Mar. 2nd, 2015 01:30 pm)
Category romance novels are capable of making me quite sad!

Most other things are also capable of this, though.
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([personal profile] rydra_wong posting in [community profile] lifting_heavy_things Mar. 2nd, 2015 05:36 pm)
From The Hairpin:

Melinda Misener: How To Do Pull-ups

Occasionally I tried to do unassisted pull-ups. Halfway up, I’d get stuck. The feeling wasn’t as painful as it was puzzling. Up, I told myself. Go up.

In time I saw that this stuckness, rather than any physical pain, was what made me so reluctant to try. I wondered how many times I’d overlooked powerlessness as the source of my discomfort. I philosophized: was it wiser, in general, to make peace with impotence or resist it by any means possible?

Shock horror: Pamela Stephenson Connolly says DTMFA - or at least, seriously consider doing so - rather than how to fix a dysfunctional relationship which appears to be largely thus because of male partner's attitudes/behaviour -

I’m constantly compared to every other woman he’s slept with – because I don’t have a multiple orgasm or “squirt” during sex, he automatically assumes that he’s failed. I don’t always climax during sex – again, that’s a massive problem for his ego.
And instead of this bit coming first:
'If this man is open to receiving real education about how to please you, you could consider teaching him.'
an approach for which she has significant form -

PSC starts off with:

Help me understand why you put up with someone who treats you this way and makes you feel like this? For a start, he is lying to you. Unless he is extremely inexperienced, it is statistically impossible that every woman he has slept with has multiple orgasms, ejaculates or is able to climax on command in diverse positions.... My guess is your partner is actually extremely insecure, has no idea how a woman’s body works and needs to put you down to make up for his inadequacies.

I'll go to the foot of our stairs.

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([personal profile] oursin Mar. 2nd, 2015 08:00 am)
Happy birthday, [personal profile] elainegrey!
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([personal profile] snarp Mar. 2nd, 2015 02:19 am)
I appreciate that Hatori's yuri concept was "two Tamakis, but one of them looks like Kyouya." Good work.


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