Hello, Monday. Have a poem.

Prof of Profs, Geoffrey Brock

I was a math major—fond of all things rational.
It was the first day of my first poetry class.
The prof, with the air of a priest at Latin mass,
told us that we could “make great poetry personal,”

could own it, since poetry we memorize sings
inside us always. By way of illustration
he began reciting Shelley with real passion,
but stopped at “Ozymandias, King of Kings;

Look on my Works, ye Mighty, and despair!” —
because, with that last plosive, his top denture
popped from his mouth and bounced off an empty chair.

He blinked, then offered, as postscript to his lecture,
a promise so splendid it made me give up math:
“More thingth like that will happen in thith clath.”

For those who don't remember their Shelley, here's the poem in question.


Subject quote from "Troilus and Cressida," V.iii, William Shakespeare.
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([personal profile] melannen Jan. 23rd, 2017 09:03 am)
I marched*!

I ended up catching a ride to DC with the friends coming from the Barony of Cynnabar. I'm glad I went. I'm also glad I didn't go by myself; it wasn't scary or anything but having other specific people to keep an eye on helped with scale.

(Also, wow is Michigan angry. Most people didn't bother IDing themselves by home state, but I think nearly every Michigander there had Michigan on their sign somewhere.)

Also, nobody told me I was supposed to make a pink hat, why did nobody tell me (the website specifically said there were no matching clothes or colors proposed!) I was really heartened by the number of My First Knitting Project hats people were wearing, though - someday I really do need to finally write that essay on knitting and social resistance.

My sister marched in Reykjavik; I haven't seen that one in any of the round-up photoposts so here's the best set of Reykjavik photos I've seen.

*You may have heard contradictory things about whether we ever actually marched in DC. )

So yeah, I'm glad I had that experience. I always feel like you should take part in political action like that not because you think you being there will achieve the goal, but just because you want to be there, and it was worth being there Saturday.

that said, goal-wise: )

4. Illegitimi non carborundum.

And if all else fails, outlive the bastards. And live well. They may run our country but they can't run our lives if we don't let them in.

On that note, this will probably go back to being a mostly non-specific-politics journal (until the next time I need to desperately beg for a ride, at least) because maintaining a free cultural space is also a very important means of resistance, especially over a long grind.
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([personal profile] oursin Jan. 23rd, 2017 02:00 pm)

Interview with Howard Barker in today's Guardian G2 -

Which had me screaming at the interviewer 'Have you ever seen a play by Terence Rattigan? Have you even googled the plot of The Deep Blue Sea, which opens on a failed suicide by gas-fire?' Calling them 'elegant dramas of the English upper classes' is so much Point Thahr Misst, Mark Lawson. 'Suppressed howls of pain' is more on the mark.

But really, Howard Barker, really?

Many in the theatre world have publicly criticised the casting of white British actors in all four roles in Barker’s play In the Depths of Dead Love, which is set in ancient China, where an exiled poet presides over a bottomless well that is used for suicides.*
[W]hen I mention the controversy, Barker’s reaction would make a Zen Buddhist seem ruffled: “Yes, I’ve heard about that.” Had he anticipated the hostility? “No. The ‘Chinese’ nature of the play is within the setting, which is entirely artificial, and the naming of the characters. It’s entirely European in its sensibilities. I’ve only very rarely ever set a play in my own culture – there’s always a distancing effect. You have to understand metaphors. The theatre isn’t a place for literalness.”

So they are just Symbolickal Others, Not Us?

In which case, how is this not in the least dissimilar to The Mikado? If you are going to have an artificial setting, why not go the whole way?

I can see that there was a rhetorical point being made with Enlightenment philosophers writing about European society as if by someone from a non-European culture. But this?

*Which sounds just like the kind of ghastly modernist experimental drama that people in interwar novels are humorous about: in fact does it not remind us, my dearios, of the awful art movie at the club showing of which Flora met Earl P Neck in Cold Comfort Farm? - My Inner Philistine, I Show U It.

I have vented on previous occasions about the tfl (Transport for London) 'Plan Your Journey' on their website, which always does its best to advise a route that will give the traveler experience of several modes of transport, or at least, 2/3 different Tube lines/bus routes, if at all possible incorporating some healthy walking exercise.

We have no idea whether this is malice, performance art, or dictated by some psycho-geographical theory; but so often I find that the obvious, simple, most expeditious means of getting from Point A to Point B does not figure.

Case in point this morning when I was due to be at A Bank for executorial processes: a bank for which the most obvious and simple means of getting there is a bus straight down the main road at the end of the street.

Ha. Ha.

Of course, it did not help that tfl have not updated their bus routes for Live Update to reflect the fact that the buses in question are no longer on diversion and back to the usual route (this is actually less convenient for me, as the diversion took them only 2 short blocks from the front door).

Correction: they did indicate that the routes in question were not stopping any more on the diversion route.

However, they don't actually show times of arrival at the stops they are now stopping at.

If they can manage to show this information a) on the indicators at the stops and b) via my Bus Countdown app, Y O Y not on website?

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([personal profile] rydra_wong Jan. 23rd, 2017 10:07 am)
Inclusion London and DPAC are holding a briefing event on the UN report on the treatment of disabled people for MPs and members of the Lords tomorrow:


Therefore, you may wish to e-mail/phone your MP to ask if they'll be attending/encourage them to attend.

I finally caught up on the missed sleep that had turned Friday into a stumbling disaster by sleeping through most of Saturday.

But I couldn't work out why I felt so feverish when I finally woke up Saturday evening, I'd thought my cold was long past that stage and my whole head just felt unpleasantly warm.

I didn't realise what was actually going on until the wee small hours of Sunday morning, at which point I promptly face-palmed myself.

I was supposed to have changed my butrans patch on Friday. I'd just spent 12 hours in opiate withdrawal because I was too stupid to realise I was in opiate withdrawal.

Fortunately it was easily enough fixed once I'd had a new patch on for a few hours, but I really hope this coming week is better than the last one!


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([personal profile] ladyofleithian Jan. 23rd, 2017 03:21 am)
In which Ben gets his first look at slavery.

Disclaimer: I own nothing.

Author's Notes: Trigger warning for discussion of slavery and child abuse.

Ben Solo was thirteen years old when he got his first look at slavery. )
OMG they put a pussyhat on the troll )

I also want a new more political but not depressing default icon. I think I'll make one of Dani Cap.
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([personal profile] mme_hardy Jan. 22nd, 2017 10:31 pm)
I couldn't remember what lussekattar (lussebullar) recipe I used last time, so I clicked through on Saveur's.

For 32 buns, you used two teaspoons of saffron. I have never had two whole teaspoons of saffron in my house at any time in my entire life. Boggle.
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([personal profile] sholio Jan. 22nd, 2017 07:58 pm)
Hi, new people following me from the DW friending meme! And people who have followed/friended me in the last couple of years in general. For one reason and another, it's taken me this long to write an intro post, and I don't think I ever did one the last time I did a friending meme at all.

So - hi! I'm [personal profile] sholio/[livejournal.com profile] sholio, or Layla. I live in Alaska, and I'm a graphic designer, artist, and writer. I used to mainly do freelance graphic design, but over the last couple of years I've transitioned to writing for a living, and I do that full-time now. I write het paranormal romance as Lauren Esker (also on Facebook and on Amazon). I've written a few M/M books in the past as Layla M. Wier (that pen name is basically retired at this point, though), and I'm planning on launching a new pen name this summer for fantasy and sci-fi that's not really romance as such, but tends to feature LGBTQ+ characters and pairings. I haven't settled on that name yet. I also write ultra-commercial erotica-laced het romance as part of a group pen name, which I'm not naming because we're trying to preserve the polite fiction that we are a single person (a la the way kids' series like Nancy Drew or Trixie Belden are written by a number of writers working under the same name) but I'm happy to tell people what it is if you ask in a PM or on a non-public post. I just don't want to give it out in public.

Feel free to PM me or email me at laureneskerwriter at gmail if you would like to try any of my books. I'm happy to hand them out to flist people for free. :D Lauren's website also has a couple of free stories, with more to come.

I used to be active in the small press comics scene, and I've been doing a weekly sci-fi webcomic called Kismet since 2002 (give or take a few years' hiatus in the middle there). It's all online for free. The first book, Hunter's Moon, is archived at my website and the current book, Sun-Cutter, updates every Monday and is about 160 pages so far. (It's on Tumblr, so you can follow it there, but the nav buttons don't work on mobile. There is a partial archive at my website, along with some short side comics. These are only partly archived because my other archive site went down and I haven't gotten around to finishing getting them up at my site yet. I really should do that ....) Anyway, the Kismet comic also has a Patreon where I post sketchbook pages, development art, glimpses of upcoming stuff and so forth, and a Tumblr sideblog for similar content and page announcements, [tumblr.com profile] kismetcity, which I really need to do more with.

(Kismet is what the icon on this post is from.)

So that's the pro stuff! But you're probably here for the fan stuff! My fanfic is all on AO3, except for most of the Stargate stuff from 2006-2008, which can be found on my old website and will be on AO3 ... uh ... eventually? On Tumblr, I'm [tumblr.com profile] laylainalaska/[tumblr.com profile] sholiofic - the first is for reblogs and gifs and general chatting with people; the second is for fic and fic announcements, where I also periodically solicit prompts for whatever fandoms I'm in at the moment. I tend to be a fannish serial monogamist - although right now, unusually for me, I seem to have two main ones, Agent Carter and The Flash (and the DC universe shows in general), and I'm still kinda dipping in and out of White Collar and a few other side fandoms. I mod [livejournal.com profile] collarcorner (White Collar gen prompt community) and also run SSR Confidential, an Agent Carter fanworks exchange that will have its signups in March.

So basically what you're going to get around here is a lot of fan squee about whatever I'm into at the moment (Flash and Legends of Tomorrow come back on Tuesday, eeeeee!!), fic, and intermittent chatter about writing/comics/my life/etc. Due to current events, there may also be more politics around here than there used to be, but I'll put it behind a cut.

And that's me! It's really great seeing so much renewed activity around here, and I'm going to try to be more active on DW/LJ in 2017. (HOW IS IT 2017 ALREADY, WHAT.) I'm looking forward to chatting with you all, whether you're just stopping in or have been here for years. :D
And for something completely different, except where it's not?

This isn't just putting a finishing touch on the series [personal profile] st_aurafina kicked off; it also fulfills the [community profile] femslash_kink prompt, costume kink, hero worship. I'm an overachiever that way.

(I like it when I light those) Stars in your Eyes (1633 words) by monanotlisa
Fandom: Supergirl (TV 2015), Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. (TV), Marvel Cinematic Universe, DC Cinematic Universe
Rating: Explicit
Relationships: Kara Danvers/Skye | Daisy Johnson
Characters: Kara Danvers, Skye | Daisy Johnson, Jemma Simmons (mentioned), Alex Danvers (mentioned)
Additional Tags: Fluff, Fluff and Smut, Fluff and Humor, Comfort No Hurt, Canon Related, Crossover, Crossover Pairings, Crossovers & Fandom Fusions, Feelings, Female Relationships, Canon Character of Color, POV Character of Color
Summary: The people who called her Girl of Steel had clearly never touched her.
Series: Part 2 of Steel & Tremors

This is probably too short to gather any feedback, and too short to be smutfic except after reading the whole series. But, as ever, please feel free to leave thoughts or comments, questions or inspiration, and of course criticism (I haven't read any relevant DC comics).
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([personal profile] thistleingrey Jan. 22nd, 2017 07:31 pm)
* Reason's too-large slippers are really too large this winter, though she insists they're fine. Since I got one pair from 50 g of yarn (actually 46), I tried bending the second skein into a pattern adaptation, but it became too small. :P Never mind---"fine" will do. What she would like, she insists, is what she's requested off and on for nine months: a replacement of the orange cardigan that she lost last spring. (Age six really can understand time. Though she doesn't remember when she lost it, she remembers having asked multiple times "all year," which is no worse than your average adult.) Officially I'm considering it; secretly I've bought the yarn and will target the fall, her birthday. And I've been meaning to make better slippers for my mother---a pair has been knitted, it's being reknitted because the pattern sizing lied and I didn't catch it in time, and then I'll reinforce the soles before handing it over.

* Getting the hang of things, snail-like: Read more... )

* Whatever else, patterns cost less than reasonably durable yarn. Wish I had an average-proportion knitter or skilled adapter to share my misfire-pattern library with---things I will never figure out how to rewrite for Reason or myself, things I've bought to read once for learning, etc. (My mother has average proportions and knits, but the problem-solving aspect doesn't appeal to her: I "reminded" her how to turn a sock heel, and she . . . made herself six pairs of boring socks one after another and resumed sewing). Any interest?
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([personal profile] yhlee Jan. 22nd, 2017 09:05 pm)
Don't spoil until I say I've seen it all!

Read more... )

I'm sure those of you who've already finished the whole thing are laughing your asses off. Carry on. :p

Got up through 1.10, will try to watch 1.11-1.12 tomorrow.
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([personal profile] mildred_of_midgard Jan. 22nd, 2017 09:57 pm)
7,500 words written yesterday, 8,000 today!
Reason I keep posting about mundane things, job hunts, contractors, my back and whatnot: 100% of my other brain energy is taken up with writing this fic. (Okay, 95%; periodically I break out into medical diagnostics, but not at the level I'm planning to once I can move on to my post-fic life.)

I'm probably looking at another 3-4 weeks before a job offer pans out at this rate (maybe more, but I hope not too long), and then I might be looking at a relocation, a commute, and a new job, with all its learning curves. I.e., no time to write.

So I'm trying to knock out as much fic as I can before then, in hopes I can just edit it to completion this year on the weekends.

Yes, I know I “should” be using this time to learn a new programming language or something similarly useful for my resume. And I will if I end up between jobs, probably because I'll be too freaked out to concentrate on anything except my job search, and studying will suddenly become part of that.

But right now I've got a job that isn't very time-consuming but pays full-time, and some leads on possible jobs, and I've got savings in the bank in case we need to live on them for a few months. And I can't think that if something does pan out in the next 3-4 weeks, my resume is going to be significantly stronger if I spend my spare time studying instead of writing. Realistically, how much can I learn in a month?

Again, this calculation changes if I don't have a job at all and I still haven't gotten one after what will then be 2 months of searching.

But, for now, fic fic fic fic fic.

I'd love to blog about that, but no time.


Current word count: approaching 330,000 words, plus rewrites in progress of a couple chapters from the posted fic.
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([personal profile] dira Jan. 23rd, 2017 12:35 am)
What even happened this week? I spent the weekend traveling to/attending ConFusion in Michigan, and I think most of the week disappeared under a rising tide of anxiety about going to the con as An Author, which, as with most things, was a bit anticlimactic. Anyway. I also did some writing in there somewhere! 


WIPs currently active: 4, still.

Words written this week: 2,445

WIPs that got no words this week: 2, Born in the Blood and Slavefic #5

WIPs that did get words this week:

Codename: Aluminum Bastard (aka broken dick epic): 2,122, which got me to the end of Chapter 43. Total word count is now 166,190, and there are probably… twenty-five chapters to go? ish? I have no idea.

Pillow Box #4, Sam: 323, Sam and Threetoo have now laid eyes on each other! Progress!

from Tumblr http://ift.tt/2kgnz6n
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([personal profile] schneefink Jan. 22nd, 2017 11:59 pm)
After getting a short intro to HTML and CSS last weekend, this weekend I got a crash course in JavaScript. Coding is fun! …provided in the end things work as intended. At first I thought the most frustrating thing is looking for a mistake for a long time and then finding out it is a stupid typo in the easiest line, but later I learned that even more frustrating is a bug that our teachers couldn't solve or even explain either and that meant I couldn't complete the last two exercises. (Tbf it would probably have been less annoying if the teachers had approached it better.)
Despite that, the teachers told me they think I have a talent for coding. They said that I seem to understand it quickly and also ask the right kind of questions, and they encouraged me to keep doing it. Always nice to get compliments :) Who knows, maybe I really will study it a bit more.

Last D&D session a new player joined us – and next week he might not be able to make it, and then he'll be on vacation for three weeks, so I don't think the timing is very good… Eh. If he keeps playing the party will have another primary spellcaster; we're pretty magic heavy, I hope that won't turn out to be a problem at some point. Well we already know that the extremely powerful Citadel's view of talented magic users is "with us or against us" and the latter don't tend to survive very long, so there will definitely be repercussions.
Other things that happened last session: theft and surprise attacks )

For the first time in a while, today I managed to watch a complete Penguins hockey game in real-time :D It is so much fun, especially when like today they're winning. The first line is so great <3 Sid and the kids. Conor Sheary is smoking hot, indeed. Sid is so amazing to watch – that pass on the Rust goal, whoa. On sequences where he doesn't score too, that don't show up on highlight reels so much. Best player in the world.
Geno is also amazing, though he wasn't as outstanding today as he can be (and he took another stupid minor penalty, as he tends to do.) He and Sid seem to take turns with who looks better any given night. The chances that at one point this season the two of them could be #1 and #2 in the scoring race are not bad :)

I have many plans for tomorrow, fingers crossed.
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([personal profile] netgirl_y2k Jan. 22nd, 2017 10:57 pm)
So, they inaugurated Trump. And, like, because my brain has spent two and half months doing the Signal Not Found thing at the very notion of President Donald Trump I didn't realise how much denial I'd been in. That on some level I'd been assuming that it wouldn't actually happen, that something so catastrophically damaging that he'd be forced to stand down would come to light, or that he'd be caught on camera taking off his person suit like in that episode of The Simpsons (what, they were right about the presidency.)

It turns out that blind refusal to accept reality doesn't work, who knew.

Speaking of abject refusal of objective fact, I wonder how long it'll take to discover what the Trump people were trying to distract from by screaming about the inauguration numbers. I suspect that the next four years are going to be a good time to bury the lede; even today in the UK the headline was PATHOLOGICAL LIAR LIES, and way, way down in second place was THAT TIME WE NEARLY NUKED FLORIDA AND FORGOT TO TELL ANYONE, LOL.

Speaking of our vainglorious leaders, Theresa May seems to have decided to drive us all off the Brexit cliff edge, apparently emboldened by the way Donald Trump decidedly didn't promise Michael Gove a trade deal. I can almost enjoy the irony that the selfsame people who were screaming British sovereignty! at the top of their lungs are now so eager to hurry us into our inevitable future as Airstrip One, then I remember that this is really happening.

And Nicola Sturgeon, despite her almost heroic efforts to avoid saying the words: 'second independence referendum' out loud or in the vicinity of any recording devices, has backed herself into a corner where she either has to call a second referendum that she probably can't win or be seen as totally ineffective when it comes to dealing with the Tories over Brexit.

I voted for independence last time, and maybe I'm just that much more cynical now, but I feel like the choice right now would be between being Cold Greece inside the EU or a wholly owned subsidiary of Little England and by extension the Trump Corporation outside it. I mean, I know what I'd chose, but still.

In conclusion, Dear Talisker distillery, take all my money, send scotch.

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