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([personal profile] sholio Nov. 25th, 2014 03:43 pm)
This month's submission theme at Crossed Genres is "ensemble", and I'd really like to submit something to it, although that means writing something before the 30th -- which I'm not sure is an achievable goal, but hey, worth a try, right?

So here's a question for you guys. What would you like to see more of in ensembles -- i.e. groups of characters, and stories focused on them? One of the posts on my reading list this morning talked about how rare it is to get the viewpoint of grumpy-mentor characters in fantasy, which made me go "hmmmm" and prod my creative brain a bit.

What are some of yours? Favorite tropes? Tropes you'd like to see subverted/avoided?
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([personal profile] metaphortunate Nov. 25th, 2014 06:39 am)
I wrote this whole long post about what I am committing to doing, and saying, in my effort to not raise another Darren Wilson or George Zimmerman. About how I don't even know where to start with some of it, and, though it sounds obscene to say so when friends last night were having much harder and scarier conversations, still the thought of setting out to make changes to our lives seems scary and hard.

Then I saved it and did not post it. Instead, last night Mr. E and I talked about what we should do. I think maybe as non-Black people this is a good time for us to have awkward, difficult conversations about race in our own families rather than in social media.

These are all very first-world problems, but, on top of my not feeling 100% well with vague and intermittent symptoms that don't constitute me sick enough to get off work and existing commitments, aaaaarghsome.

I was not entirely prepossessed by the dermatology clinic at London Teaching Hospital last week, since, although it was no longer in a building large swathes of which were being closed down and echoing around it, it was in a really unwelcoming hole and corner space on the floor over the clap clinic, with the receptionist concealed behind the door, a queue across the doorway to see her, and everything seemed really disorganised. I will, however, concede that I did manage to get seen (by a doc who did not seem to have had prior access to my notes) within 15-20 minutes of arrival.

I am also in a 'financial transactions badly aspected' phase, and while none of this is actually critical and it is not as though I have the bailiffs at the door due to these various instances of inefficiency, it has involved more time than I like listening to hold music and please hang on messages, repetitive phone conversations, and naggy emails.

Would my dearios not have imagined that, two months late and counting, I would have had paid my expenses for being Guest Speaker at Ottawa conference? Ha!

There is new system at work whereby instead of minor sums coming out of petty cash with proferred receipts as necessary, all expense claims have to be put in the same way and signed off by line manager. Our LM is currently away so I got a minor matter of a taxi fare signed off by someone who used to be my LM before the reshuffle, who, it turns out, is not authorised to sign off on that account.

Also I am having Immense Faff with Financial Institution which already has Massive Incompetence Form, in which people give me the wrong information as to why they are calling me, are not giving me pertinent information, and signally failing to transfer my money that they happen to be holding to the place where I would like it.

Added unto which, I am trying to find a pillow that suits my requirements (non-down, fairly flat) and discover that the various purveyors of beds and bedding along Tottenham Court Road have masses of cushions and jolly throw pillows and snazzy pillowcases but are really coy about committing to just plain ol' pillows that you can then put your existing cases on, and seem to have very limited ranges.

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([personal profile] oursin Nov. 25th, 2014 07:59 am)
Happy birthday, [personal profile] ellen_fremedon, [personal profile] nja and [personal profile] truepenny!
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([personal profile] thistleingrey Nov. 24th, 2014 10:43 pm)
(slightly early because I have jury duty tomorrow)
What I'm rereading: all of the sleeves used commonly in contemporary anglophone knitting patterns. Its senses of pro and con for various manners of fashioning sleeve/body joins parse better for me now that I've been eyeing with greater care not only knitting patterns and their corresponding finished objects but also random commercially produced garments. I'm not quite the nerd who never notices clothes---one doesn't survive an L.A. childhood well that way, and I have---but I've always let myself not worry about the details (because they "never" fit).

Naturally, the details matter upon resolving to find or make enough tops for one week which fit at the shoulder yet aren't disastrous for sleeve or torso. (I own a men's-styled flannel shirt that fits at shoulder and is still a bit too short in the arm. Almost always, menswear has longer sleeve lengths than the corresponding width of womenswear. It's for at home only because the plaid is miserable, the fabric warm.) This resolution has no deadline. Small steps.
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([personal profile] yhlee Nov. 24th, 2014 10:07 pm)

Aww, goat. Baton Rouge Zoo.

Scarce today because errands and then migraine. :] I did, however, have poutine or some approximation thereof for the first time today, at Leroy's. It was delicious and I have skipped dinner on account of it. (I have added poutine to my list of foods that I only get to eat once a year.) Worth experiencing once, though. I think, however, that I like biscuits and gravy just that little bit more.

Does anyone having dating sim recs for Windows (7)? Are there dating sims for Windows? I'm feeling like a change of pace and I've never played a dating sim so I'm curious. Or maybe iPad. Are there (good) dating sims for the iPad?

Alternately, if there's some other platform that is good for dating sims, what is it? I'm not averse to the thought of investing in a gaming system because God knows it'd get used.

(Nausea not due to poutine, but Excedrin side-effect--I trade pain relief for nausea. Fun times.)
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([personal profile] umbo Nov. 24th, 2014 09:01 pm)
I said this on Twitter already, but I am so bitterly, bitterly ashamed of the status quo in our country right now. I feel like I need to apologize to the universe for the incredible injustice that happens DAILY here.
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([personal profile] snarp Nov. 24th, 2014 09:06 pm)
Someone contacted me privately about some remarks I made about this line of speculation. They told me that they had met Winterfox in person, and that her appearance and presentation were consistent with her online descriptions of herself.

The person who contacted me is definitely not Winterfox - they have a fairly large online footprint and a completely different communication style - and I feel sure that they’re telling the truth as they understand it. So, my apologies to the people I named as possible Winterfoxes.

Theories that Winterfox is secretly a white person will need to incorporate the use of an actress, basically. Sorry, FFA, I know you guys were having fun!
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([personal profile] bookchan Nov. 24th, 2014 06:56 pm)
It got confirmed today that I'll be able to tag along on a trip to chicago for work. It should be an interesting experience. I'm taking an extra day of leave there to go explore a bit. It's going to be cold and snowy, but I got a hotel room near the art institute and I'm planning on visiting it again and the Field museum. Plus since it's chicago, I went and spent way too much money on a ticket a blackhawks game.

I thought about visiting the opera instead, but I did that on my last big trip. This time it wont' be quite so cultural. ^_^
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([personal profile] oursin Nov. 24th, 2014 08:11 pm)

I must really Make An Effort and try and do some arting and exhibitioning in the next few months.

While the Expotition to Dulwich for the Emily Carr exhibition is something that partner and I have marked down to do (maybe over the Xmas/New Year break?), there are a couple of other things on my own list.

Maggi Hambling, Walls of Water, at the National Gallery. A few weeks ago we went to a concert which included a piece inspired by these paintings, which were flashed up during the performance, and I strongly felt that I needed to see the actual works. Article in today's Guardian.

This one is partly for New Project Research Purposes: Spaces of Black Modernism: London 1919–39 explores the experiences and interactions of people from diverse ethnic backgrounds in London’s art world between the wars (Tate Britain). I heard one of the curators talk about this subject at a conference last year, and very much want to know more.

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([personal profile] oursin Nov. 24th, 2014 08:00 am)
Happy birthday, [personal profile] claudine and [personal profile] littlered2!
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([personal profile] metaphortunate Nov. 23rd, 2014 09:30 pm)
Was talking on Twitter about how unfortunate it is that retail therapy totally works. :D: Only saving grace is that, at least for me, it's so much more helpful/satisfying if I'm filling a real need with whatever I'm buying than if I'm just impulse picking up some random crap.

For example, last week I bought a watch and a desperately needed new pair of work trousers. Behold, getting dressed in the morning is easier at least one day a week, and that is valuable to me. And the watch: I know people say watches are obsolete because now everyone has smart phones, and all I can say is, these must be people who don't walk around outside a lot or take public transportation. There are at least a couple of times almost every single day when I want to know what time it is and I really don't want to pull out my cell phone. Now I can!

In general, I am honestly a big fan of material things, as long as they are the right material things. Material things that are sort of what I want and sort of not just pile up in the house and make me miserable. Material things that are perfect give me a shot of genuine happiness every time I experience them or use them. Like:
  • The gorgeous coat hooks on our stairs that Mr. E and I picked out together and he installed one day to surprise me and which mean that we have a completely convenient place to put jackets and hats as soon as we come in the house and which, incidentally, are great looking
  • Chanel Cuir de Russie, which smells like old lady right when I put it on and within about 20 minutes has transformed into this rich, smooth, work-of-art leather aroma, so that for the rest of the day, no matter what kind of mess I look like, I smell like subtle, complex, recondite pleasures; and it makes my entire day better
  • My purse, which took me forever to find the exact right one, and which is exactly big enough for my wallet, coin purse, sunglasses, phone, iPod, headphones, small pocketknife, tissues, hand sanitizer, pen, lipstick and enough room to pull one thing out without knocking everything else out, and not one bit bigger or heavier or more awkward
  • Our drinking glasses, which are blue and have this smooth texture which is a small pleasure to touch every time I get a glass of water
  • Dried persimmons, for obvious reasons!

What are your favorite material things?
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([personal profile] oursin Nov. 23rd, 2014 09:33 pm)

Saturday breakfast rolls: the adaptable soft roll recipe, 4:1 strong white/buckwheat flour, dried blueberries, dash of maple syrup.

Today's lunch: because of reasons, we went to the new local poncey fishmongers, and while they only had 2 very teeny specimens left of the advertised red mullet, they did sell us a whole brill, which I cooked according to Eliza Acton's recipe for soles and it was excellent; served with spinach stirfried with garlic, and padron peppers.

This week's bread: a brown oatmeal loaf: strong white and wholemeal flours, and a mixture of of coarse and medium oatmeal, and as this loaf tends to get a bit soggy in the middle, tried a suggested baking time of 30 mins in a fairly hot oven then 30 mins in a cool oven + an extra ten minutes turned over after removing it from the pan. Crusty and tasty, will see how it does.

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([personal profile] oursin Nov. 23rd, 2014 08:36 pm)

Somehow (last week was a long rather draining week, I am still recuperating), although I could probably say more about these couple of things, I'm just flagging them up here.

O Mariella - might there be more possibilities there than 'bisexual', like, maybe, asexual but homoromantic? I can see that this might be a bit outwith the kinds of solution you are comfortable with. But if someone is 36 and never been in a sexual relationship (though maybe there is backstory, like having been a monk, or something)...?

But anyway, probably Orl Moar Complyk8ed.


Is it just me, or does anyone else get the impression that Hari Kunzru is not quite such a massive Ursula Le Guin fanboy as he makes out (or that he was at one time but has just not kept up)? I suppose a case can be made for the first three volumes about Earthsea being a self-contained trilogy but I find it a bit odd that he doesn't at all mention the later volumes returning there, and that, in fact, all the detailed accounts given of her works are from the earlier parts of her oeuvre.

Why is it at all surprising that she doesn't care for Updike but is currently enjoying Arnold Bennett? (this makes sense in so many ways).

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([personal profile] yhlee Nov. 23rd, 2014 11:35 am)

The lizard in a black cat costume sent by her aunt and uncle. :)


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