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([personal profile] oursin Jul. 24th, 2016 12:31 pm)
Happy birthday, [personal profile] heyokish!
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So this I LOVED. It's exactly what I wanted: a fun reboot of the original which is funny and thrilling and charming and also feminist. Women being competent and weird and unsexualised and having complex relationships with each other and saving the world!! FORTY SOMETHING SCIENCE LADIES :D FAT LADIES :D AS CLOSE TO QUEER AS THE STUDIO WOULD ALLOW LADIES :D (which is not very queer. Holtzman flirts a little) ONE POC LADY WHICH IS BETTER THAN NOTHING I GUESS.

It was a very deliberate reversal of 80s comedy tropes, with Chris Helmsworth having a ball as the dim but pretty secretary who needs to be rescued. There's no romance, ones a little swoony over how pretty he is but seems to know intellectually that he'd make a terrible boyfriend. Instead there's just some really lovely female friendships (which are absolutely perfect for femslashing ;))
Some more thoughts, no spoilers )
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Bucky’s broken dick epic (aka the WIP codenamed Aluminum Bastard): 41 Chapters / 155,153 words
Act III so far, spanning fffive? days of internal time: 8 Chapters / 31,653 words
Stuff remaining to write in Act III: Maybe... four more chapters? I’ve been revising my thoughts on where this Act ends and the next one starts.
Broken dick status: Agonizingly almost fixed but still not.
Acts left to write after this one: IV, and V. Which means we’re actually turning the corner into things… getting… better? Which is baffling, after over 22 months of writing everything being awful. I am consoling myself with some last-ditch awfulness before we turn the corner, but that corner is getting awfully close now.
Target posting date: IDK, probably before Infinity War? Right? 

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Saw this yesterday, and I liked it! Unlike the previous two, it was a sincere and mostly successful attempt to make an actual Star Trek movie: There was a mildly interesting philosophical conflict, some attempt at diversity, and a LOT of bromancey interactions between Kirk, Spock, and Bones. Although most of the film was made up of fight scenes and explosions, which were pretty. It felt a bit like an original series Star Trek episode spliced with a Michael Bay film. Sometimes that fusion felt a little strained but it was enjoyable enough. It's not SUPER scary but some scary stuff does happen.

The diversity was very pasted on, it is at heart very much a story about White Dudes Saving The Day, and while the fact there's a teeny bit of lgbt representation is nice (and it was handled ok) it's just ambiguous enough that a determined homophobe could say they were just Very Close Friends, and homophobic censors can easily cut it entirely. On the plus side I thought they were going somewhere Very Racist with the villain and they weren't, though he's still a POC-in-latex villain (with an African accent I think? I am so bad at accents) being defeated by a white hero.

Also Uhura and her relationship with Spock is so quickly sidelined it felt like the start of a slash fic. If it had actually turned into Spock/Kirk/Bones it might almost have been worth it but no, it was no homo bromance all the way. Sulu could have had more to do as well. On the plus side, the "Strong Female Characters who are competent and not sexualised but ultimately secondary to men" approach to women in this film is still more feminist than "Into Darkness". And the new female character is conventionally attractive but noone seems to notice, it all feels like brotherly friendship (I don't think we ever see her talking to any women. In general this is not a Bechdel Test friendly movie)

As someone who used to be a HUGE fan of the original Star Trek movies I did enjoy the cuddly bromacey feels. Everyone felt more in character than in the previous two, and there was in general a cuddly, optimistic feel to the Enterprise and Federation as a whole. Also, since it would have been heartbreaking given that the actor died: nothing bad happens to Chekhov.

And it really is pretty. Lots of cool science fictiony special effects.
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So there's this scene in the original Ellis run of The Authority where Apollo is going off on this totally suicidal mission to save the day (and this from a team that wasn't hyper-invested in the saving of days), and the Midnighter (who has certainly been close to him, but it's not made clear in what way) tries to talk him out of it:

Which is about when a lot of people figured out what that relationship was, exactly. But I was thinking of it today in context of how massive the Captain Canary ship is in Legends of Tomorrow fandom, and what a great moment they got towards the end there, with a kiss like that (if on the mouth, which is honestly how I always remember the Apollo/Midnighter scene anyway), and how I would have DIED if that kiss had been between two men or two women. Like, can you IMAGINE if it had been Coldwave or AtomicHeat? Christ. Why can't I have nice things?

Speaking of AtomicHeat, I'm quite surprised that it's not a bigger pairing. There's only a handful of fic, on what is pretty solid canon ground for a ship. They are one of the major relationship threads in the series, and the (platonic) couple that ends up together at the end.

However, in that it's a pairing that does not involve Leonard Snart, pickings are thin, and the only fic I've liked so far has been this one (there's another long fic, but it's contaminated by un-tagged Rip Hate, which is a thing in this fandom):

Title: Madmen Who Remember, Madmen Who Forget
Author: [archiveofourown.org profile] NewEyes
Fandom: Legends of Tomorrow (& Arrow)
Characters: Ray Palmer/Mick Rory
Words: 3,300
Rating: Not Rated (deals with mental illness and injury)
Summary: Ray uses the holo room to recreate memories of his time with Anna. Mick just uses it to burn stuff.
Notes: A definite uncompromising look at both of them that I like because it's compassionate without being woobie, and lets them be flawed while still loving them. Interestingly written before the big Mick arc.
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([personal profile] alias_sqbr Jul. 24th, 2016 12:06 pm)
Thanks to [personal profile] snarp I got an invite to Imzy, a new social media platform some people have suggested might be The Next Tumblr. (Snarp herself described it as a possible successor to Reddit)

And...it is definitely not the next tumblr. THERE ARE NO PERSONAL BLOGS ONLY COMMUNITIES!! But the communities are pretty nicely set up, so I can see it being a good supplemental social media hub, assuming it takes off. I wonder if I could just make a "community" for posts by me lol.

You can make separate profiles that only you know are linked, including for anonymous comments, though I haven't done that yet. Also communities can be private, which I can see being useful.

Afaict there's no way to friend people but here's my profile anyway.

Anyway, if it sounds appealing I have five invites! Comments screened, give me your email address.
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Can I really crosspost from Tumblr to Dreamwidth to LiveJournal?

from Tumblr http://ift.tt/2amte7O
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Remembering that you have an ice lolly (a.k.a. popsicle, I believe) mould at the back of a cupboard.

Also, it turns out that an unsweetened jasmine tea ice lolly is an unusual and refreshing thing (yes, it's just frozen tea-on-a-stick; given the basic goal of reducing body temperature as much as possible, this totally works for me).

Btw, I reiterate the lido offer for DW peeps in London (for upcoming weekdays, anyway -- getting too crowded at weekends).
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Letter in today's Guardian Weekend, which I am unable to find in order to link to it, in which someone whom we presume a scientist or an engineer claims that arts graduates find employment in 'politics, journalism and managing, often badly, organisations where science graduates do the actual work', and that

after the shitstorm created by arts graduates, it will be left to scientists and engineers to solve the economic, social and environmental problems they have left. It's what we are trained to do.'

Historian larfs liek drayne.

Quite apart from the recent reports about various scientific centres and departments in which bullying and harassment by Top Scientist People are rife - which doesn't suggest that they are that great at managing and running things - and the inglorious history of scientists so committed to a theory that they would commit fraud -

- so, really, not pure, disinterested 'experts' -

- I have lately been reading the latest in Jo Walton's 'Thessaly' trilogy, and considering HG Well's notions of 'samurai' and 'Open Conspirators'

- and the Platonic notion of disinterested Guardians guided by philosophy, and Wells' rather similar dedicated elite, run aground on the notion that everyone, including your Guardians or Samurai, will all be in entire accordance once they have seen the revealed wisdom.

I just don't think that any set of people, even if they are in general accord over some basic principles, will all inevitably agree at any given moment about What Is To Be Done.

And let's just not go into the wild generalisations about 'arts graduates', 'scientists', and 'engineers', which flattens out very diverse groups with different disciplinary training and biases, even before you get into questions of individual personality differences.

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Happy birthday, [personal profile] oyceter!
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You've probably heard by now what happened in Munich last night. I wasn't anywhere near the Olympiazentrum, I'm in the mountains an hour form Munich right now and in another part of Germany tomorrow, so I did what most people outside Munich did - follow the news and social media in between texting friends to check on them.

Incidentally: re: social media, the people managing the twitter account for the Munich police did a great job (as they've done last year when the refugees from Hungary arrived), reporting what happened, explaining as far as they knew, providing people with landlines and coordinating efforts from helpers. (Not just in German but also in English and French, and Turkish.) Also, the press officer, Marcus da Gloria Martins, who had to do the press conferences, became everyone's instant hero for refusing to be drawn into baiting and insinuating questions, staying calm, and projecting gravitas. (This is him.) Given that wild rumors had several shootings happen all over Munich (not true), and that for hours it wasn't clear whether it was one shooter or several, up to three (it was one), having someone providing information who refused to speculate and stuck to the facts while also communicating, not shutting people's questions down, was really a good thing.

Still: people are dead, killed in the city where I live. Within a week of the axe murderer in the train from Würzburg (which I often take). And a friend of mine, who is working in an organization devoted to helping underage refugees, says they're getting vile hatemail now. (Which has also been reported in the news.) These are terrible times we live in. Which reminds me of something Tolkien wrote:

“I wish it need not have happened in my time," said Frodo.
"So do I," said Gandalf, "and so do all who live to see such times. But that is not for them to decide. All we have to decide is what to do with the time that is given us.”
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([personal profile] oursin Jul. 22nd, 2016 09:39 pm)

My father was taken into hospital again last night - I got b-i-l's text when I was standing on Tower Hill Tube Station and then connectivity went.

(It was his 94th birthday.)

So he's still there today under observation, and we don't have any info as to what might be happening, how long he's likely to be there, etc.

So, I said that I would go down to visit today, and b-i-l said he would pick me up at the relevant station at [time] as he would be taking my sister when she got off work.

So I got to the station, and went and waited outside (fortunately although it had started to rain in London it was still fine elsewhere), and then I got a text from my sister to say that there had been an incident on the motorway and traffic was being held up.

Perhaps I should have said stuff it and taken a taxi but we really didn't know how long the hold-up was going to be -

- which was rather longer than anticipated -

- but anyway they eventually turned up and we went to the hospital and found my father and he seemed in fairly reasonable spirits for someone in hospital and on antibiotics.

Still no news of what might happen next.

Anyway, this was all running later into the evening than I had anticipated, and by the time I was dropped off at the station to catch a train back, I was too hungry to wait until I got to St Pancras and bought what turned out to be a rather disgusting sandwich at the station snackbar.

But home now, anyway, and awaiting further developments.

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I had a dream that I was watching some new Avengers movie, or possibly Thor 3? Anyway, I realised that my Cousin Jack was playing a SHIELD agent in it, and his plot was a romance with Bruce Banner. The Hulk picked him flowers. It was very cute. So I called his mom to tease her that Mark R was too old for Jack, and she sounded caught between amused and put out by the fandom kurfuffle. Though in RL, my cousin is in his mid 30s, and wouldn't be too young, and is also a drill rig operator who works in the mines in the North. So there is that.

Still not sure if I'll make it to town in late August, but I'd like to see some of the new movies that everyone's talking about. And go to the wedding. Yay! Weddings! It sounds like my supervisor is trying to make it happen, which is good.

Oh, apparently Google is doing a street view of the National Park. The camera guy and some parks people will be staying here 29 July. Huh. Probably help me catch Pokemon if we ever get that here.

FemmeRemix is drafted, and will be finished in good time. For fucking once, I'm not chasing the deadline bus. Now torn between doing a fill for Cap/IM TRB weekly picture prompt which is a bit of a troll prompt this week (I am very bad at resisting dares), or for doing a Wish Fulfilment Fest fic. (Regular listeners to this channel are now laughing at me for not working on any WIP.) The first one has a deadline, so maybe that?
Started out just intending to write about the dream I had last night, but ended up talking a lot about my research on and thoughts about Judaism, which I've been researching (for my books/characters) and thinking a lot about lately.

The dream themes included mourning, letting go, and religion. )

Okay, well, I have a lot to do today (don't even get me started on the extra work shit in addition to the work shit I've been procrastinating on), so I will shut up now. Thanks for listening/reading. Eventually I'll get around to answering comments on previous post(s).
So my brother was in town at the weekend and Dad suggested we could go to the Cambridge Shakespeare Festival performance of The Tempest. fun weekend )
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([personal profile] selenak Jul. 22nd, 2016 09:10 am)
The History Exchange 2016 has gone live!

I received an intense, vivid poem on Artemsia Gentileschi, portrayed, as is only fit, through her paintings. I think it's accessible even if you're not familiar with Artemsia's work and history: In the days of Jael

This is a small exchange - 15 works all in all, so I hastily started to devour it. Here are two stories I found outstanding so far:

What dreams may come: Akhenaten, the Heretic Pharao, grows into himself. Poetic and terse at the same time, drawing a great portrait in short space.

i have cut a ribbon of skin from another man's body: Olympias encounters Zeus four times throughout her life. Olympias in historical fiction tends to be invariably described through her son's or her son's companions' eyes, and with the son in question being Alexander the Great, that's not so surprising. But it makes it all the more welcome to see a take on her from her own pov, in the centre of her own story, and one that uses the myth of Zeus as Alexander's father in a really creative way.

As for my own story, I think, as always, it's a bit obvious, but have a guess anyway!
Happy RIDICULOUSLY BELATED birthday, [livejournal.com profile] rubynye!! This fic would have been much more timely back in January in MANY RESPECTS, but these things happen. :D

All Hail the New Kids (23761 words) by Dira Sudis
Chapters: 2/2
Fandom: Star Wars Episode VII: The Force Awakens (2015)
Rating: Explicit
Warnings: No Archive Warnings Apply
Relationships: Poe Dameron/Finn/Rey, Poe Dameron/Finn, Finn/Rey, Poe Dameron/Rey
Characters: Finn (Star Wars), Poe Dameron, Rey (Star Wars), Luke Skywalker, BB-8
Additional Tags: Mutual Masturbation, Vaginal Fingering, Kissing, Holding Hands, The Force, Trees, Jedi, Threesome - F/M/M, Relationship Negotiation, Polyamory, Stormtrooper Culture, Fluff, Fun

Poe had realized even before Finn woke up that he had picked a challenging person--Force help him, maybe two challenging people--to get himself mixed up with. Somehow he still wasn't prepared for Finn and Rey.

Title:You're Never Weird on the Internet (Almost)
Author: Felicia Day
Published: New York: Touchstone, 2015
Rating: 3 of 5
Page Count: 300
Total Page Count: 197,295
Text Number: 583
Read Because: watching a Geek & Sundry show, ebook borrowed from the Multnomah County Library
Review: In this memoir, internet phenomenon Felicia Day recounts her childhood, acting career, and the creation of webseries The Guild. She has a conversational, accessible voice (sometimes too accessible: the many pauses to overexplain aspects of nerd culture slow the pace) which makes this a quick, easy read. This is about what I expected, which doesn't mean it's boring. Day's self-deprecating nerdy persona is both natural and groomed for consumability, and as charming/relatable as always; she simultaneously demystifies her success and discusses the particular cultural phenomenon she's encountered, including (a mainstream, non-intersectional take on) misogyny within geek culture. This is engaging but not world-changing. I don't particularly recommend it, but if you're interested then it's harmless.


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