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([personal profile] boosette Jul. 22nd, 2014 08:18 pm)
The weather is now hot and miserable.

Dad has been released with a stint, a scrip for blood thinners, and lifestyle changes prescribed. He's back on the boat, and remains as ever the luckiest sonofabitch I know.

I made Budget Bytes Southwest Chicken Skillet for dinner, and it took 5 minutes active time + 40 minuites waiting ... basically the ideal hot day post-work meal. I used Mi Costenita menudo seasoning because that was the mixed chili style packet of seasoning my grocery store had for cheap - $1.19 for an ounce. (also apparently they are a small Chicago-local business.)

The skillet is VERY tasty overall - highly recommend. I'll be freezing 2-3 servings for lunches later, and fridging a serving or two to eat soon.

Make it vegetarian by swapping the chicken for another can of beans (pinto to kidney) or with cubed baked tofu, tempeh, or seitan.

(The best part of making shredded chicken by poaching chicken is that I get broth as a byproduct).

I want it to be the weekend so I can take a nap. As is, it'll be dishes, a murder show, and sleep for me.
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([personal profile] cadenzamuse Jul. 22nd, 2014 05:52 pm)
You guys.

T. got his dream job.

We're moving to the Midwest, near my in-laws (and I can unironically say that I really adore my in-laws), to where T. went for college.

I will be able to go to grad school.

We will not starve to death.

We're moving away from my parents (sad).

I am a roiling bubbling mess of emotions (although I still am going to look into all your lovely ideas for jobs).

T. keeps calling people and telling them "I get to shoot things with lasers! I get to do 'real science!'"

I keep calling people and babbling confused things, half wait, all terrified, although happy too.

Sad I'm moving away from my church, and D&D group, and favorite yarn store, and my city which is one of the best foodie cities in the States.

I have no idea what I'm thinking. I want to order ALL THE YARN from my current LYS.

In conclusion: HOLY SHIT.

P.S. Oh wait, I should add that we're totally fucking getting season tickets to Blue Jackets games. (T. does not know this yet, but I totally fucking will.) So, you know, if you're in the area, hit us up.
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([personal profile] owlectomy Jul. 22nd, 2014 04:45 pm)
I took an extended break from bike riding because

1) I was sad.

2) Even though I felt okay after a tiny accident (both physically and nerves-wise), the cumulative effect of honks, dicey merges, close calls with cars making left turns right in front of me, etc., wore me down to the point where I often really didn't look forward to riding.

3) I had a really nice ride into Manhattan last fall which had some bad moments when the Manhattan(?) bridge had a really fast, steep drop-off into Brooklyn, and I just couldn't get enough leverage on my brakes. Was angry at myself for not having big enough or strong enough hands. Finally realized my brakes are badly adjusted.


I think maybe it would be easier if I didn't put pressure on myself to commute, even though it would save time? Even if I rode my bike a little before/after work when I had time, and on weekends? I know that I need a lot of physical training to be able to do long-distance rides, but... yeah, ultimately I'm much more interested in riding to the Hudson or the Rockaways or up into New Jersey or to get pie than riding to work. And commuting is much more a game of terrifying Frogger than actual physical conditioning. (Prospect Park has all the hills I need, at least for now.)

Will try and get my brakes adjusted this weekend. Then, pie?
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([personal profile] mme_hardy Jul. 22nd, 2014 11:12 am)

Maria Joao Pires realizes that the conductor has just started playing a different Mozart concerto than she had prepared.

Edit:  The YouTube embed code apparently doesn't let me skip forward to second 40.  Start there.

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([personal profile] 19_crows Jul. 22nd, 2014 10:45 am)
The Fault In Our Stars, John Green.

I can't say how well this book portrays teenagers with cancer because I'm not one, but a friend whose niece did have cancer really liked it and said he got it right. It really felt like he did - the guilt that Hazel, the 17 year old narrator, feels about that pain her death is going to cause her parents; her parents' smothering and hovering; her wise-beyond-her-years cynical attitude.

I liked it; both Hazel and Augustus are utterly charming and dear (and yet feel realistic because Augustus reminds me of my godson) and it's a sweet story. I was glad it was more than that, too, with some twists and turns and suspense.

The one thing I didn't like, ironically, was Augustus' feelings for Hazel. To instantly fall into a crush and after what, three or four get-togethers, want to do a life-changing thing for her - it's certainly romantic, but for me that's not love. They don't even know each other well enough to really be in love. It was almost like Twilight though not as creepy because at least Hazel is smart and interesting in ways Bella can only dream of. But at this point in the story, Augustus doesn't even know her well enough to know how smart, etc., she is.

I think you have to know somebody for a while and see them at their worst - these two don't even have any fights, for god's sake. Maybe this is a YA convention I'm not used to. Hazel's doubts and slow realization of her feelings felt more right. So the ending wasn't the glorious climax for me that I suppose it was for other people. That's okay, I found plenty to like. But I don't think I'll bother re-reading this and a friend's son wants it, so that works out fine.

Now I'm reading 1491: New Revelations of the Americas Before Columbus by Charles C. Mann, and I'm really enjoying it. Been a while since I read a history book.
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([personal profile] forestofglory Jul. 22nd, 2014 10:11 am)
[personal profile] calissa asked about what writing I do other than here.

The main thing I write other than here (and of course my thesis) is correspondence. There are a couple of friends who I write and email to once a week. This is a pretty good way to stay in touch with people who don’t do LJ/DW. I think my ideal would be to write physical letters, but I’m not as good about them as I am with the email. I think the once a week format really helps me stay on tract. I also have one friend who I send a postcard once a week. Plus I sent other friends postcards at odd intervals when I feel inspired. Postcards are so short they don’t really count as writing but I like the physically of them. It is nice to think that the other person is going to touch something that you touched. I’ve been buying interesting postcards when I travel or go to a museum so that I have collection of postcards from which to choose.

I also have a small research project that I could potentially work on. While I was starting to look for primary sources for my thesis, I just kind of looked at everything I could find online. So I have couple of journal articles from the 30’s about birds and pesticides sitting on my computer that maybe I will try to find out more about and turn into a paper. I do not really want to do more academia after I finish this degree, so it would just be for fun.
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([personal profile] snarp Jul. 22nd, 2014 10:42 am)
There in the dim light of the candles, he was settled atop the stairway banister, hunched in on himself, his eyes bright and fevered. She remembered, unwillingly, disbelievingly, what Prasit - Prasit, the were-betta, the ancient enemy of Egberd's clan, had told her:

"Beware the midnight screeching," he had said.

"It's super annoying."

- my were-budgie book, to be the first installment in my hit The Alphas of PetSmart series, which a person has inspired me to write. That person will regret this.
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([personal profile] dira Jul. 22nd, 2014 07:35 am)
With many thanks to [personal profile] astolat and [ profile] rubynye for beta! ♥

Terms of Surrender (4654 words) by Dira Sudis
Chapters: 1/1
Fandom: Marvel Cinematic Universe, Captain America (Movies)
Rating: Explicit
Warnings: No Archive Warnings Apply
Relationships: Steve Rogers/Sam Wilson
Characters: Steve Rogers, Sam Wilson (Marvel)
Additional Tags: Bondage, Painplay, Impact Play, Masochism, BDSM, Consensual Violence, Plot What Plot/Porn Without Plot

The body he'd been given felt like a layer of uniform he couldn't take off. People looking at it were just admiring perfect design, the same as anybody whose eye was drawn by the stars and stripes.

...Happy consensual beatings! :D

Also I don't actually have a Sam or Steve icon and Bucky is not actually in this story. Hm. Have to work on that.
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([personal profile] forestofglory Jul. 21st, 2014 08:02 pm)
I turned in a draft of my thesis today. I thought I'd be happy to be done for a bit. However I'm not. Instead I'm anxious about what is next, and worrying about getting it back covered in red ink. I don't really have a timeline so I'm feeling a bit at sea. However R and I are planning to go out to ice cream tomorrow to celebrate, so that will be nice.

In the meantime while I'm waiting for comments I'm going to try to write every day. I'm planning for some of that writing to be here. So it would be helpful if people could suggest topics they'd like me to write about. That could be more of what I generally write, like stuff about my daily life or books I like. Or it could be more technical about stuff I study (ecology, sustainable agriculture, urban planning, history.) Or something else entirely.
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([personal profile] kate_nepveu Jul. 21st, 2014 08:07 pm)
And done my posting about it, too, more to the point. Come talk about them! (Now with miserably embarrassing brain glitch fixed!)
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([personal profile] cadenzamuse Jul. 21st, 2014 07:29 pm)
T. has finished his PhD, glory hallelujah etc.!

This means a: hopefully we are about to have a steady income some time soon and b: even though he hasn't found a job yet, he is leaving his current lab, with his incredibly verbally/emotionally abusive adviser.

So...we're about to lose health insurance. And all our income.

I am 100% behind T. leaving his lab, and he does seem to have found a part-time freelancing editing gig (I hope it works out, as T. is...not actually very good at grammar? But he is at least a native speaker with a PhD in a technical field so fingers crossed.).

I am also fucking terrified.

Because T. is very likely to find a job soon, and we're likely to be moving soon, I'm a bit hampered from normal job search options. (Crushing depression also unhelpful, but you know, so it goes.)

I could really use some advice/suggestions/contacts for temp work or freelancing or something either online or in the Atlanta area.

I know I've been pretty DW-absent lately, but I'm asking anyway. Help me, Flist-Wan Kenobi?

P.S. I am shit at keeping up with people right now, but I am vascillating wildly between "I have no friends, someone please hold my hand and keep me company" and "I am miserable, stay away." So if you have other means of contacting me, feel free--if I want company I'll answer, and if I don't, it's really, really not personal. Except in the up-close-and-personal-with-my-brainweasels way.
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([personal profile] qian Jul. 21st, 2014 11:26 pm)
I've just realised that my recent posts are all either "writing stuff, blah blah" or "argh stress blergh sad". Which is sadly kind of accurate! But I thought I'd try something different and try to post more regularly, if boringly. So I am going to start a food log! (Inspired by that slideshow of a day's worth of food around the world, but without pictures, so less interesting.) I'll put them under a cut, so hopefully they won't clog up your access list too much.

today )
Spoilers follow, but the short version is I'm trying to decide if the last quarter of the book not working for me is due to my infamiliarity with thriller/horror protocols, or if the book really does have a flaw. (Or anything in between, or something else entirely! I am not a lit major.)

on inner and outer bangs, conflict placement, structure, and spoilers )

An aside: I have always suspected that the empath is going to be one of the hardest archetypes to get right and I'm tempted to have a crack at it, but AGW (my oldest friend) reminded me that I once said I would never write a dragon because dragons are cliché and I've already flunked that. I don't remember saying that I'd never write psionics, but if I did, AGW will remember. :p

(I have this theory that if you ever generated an empath, they would either be completely useless anywhere, or they would be functionally a sociopath. Not that I know jack-all about psychology, but it amuses me to think about it.)
 ... a decision whose wisdom is becoming more and more and more apparent the longer the current debacle goes on.

The significant discussion is going on in the personal dreamwidth of [personal profile] antarcticlust , here.  Two different concom members have spoken. I want to call your attention. to a comment by jamiam, also a concom member. Excerpted; the full response is at the link under "call your attention".

 "The concom was initially presented with the Frenkel subcommittee's decision on July 15, with the following preface:
This statement has been sent to Elise Matthesen and Lauren Jankowski, per their request. We are also circulating it to the concom for your information and advance notice; while we welcome your comments, this is the final document and it will not be changed at this point."
No comment.

"Wiscon itself was and is in danger this weekend, both as a concept and in practice. Various individuals from both sides are contemplating quitting the concom in sheer frustration, when the concom is already badly understaffed. A few of us are starting to think "burn it all down" makes sense. What's the point of a "feminist" convention if it can't listen to its own community and protect that community from harm? "
What indeed, asked jesting Pilate, and would not stay for an answer.

" has made clear to the rest of the concom how the subcommittee could have arrived at the decision it did: by consciously omitting most of the relevant information about Jim Frenkel's history in the SFF community, and by (apparently?) failing to discuss much of the information that was requested from Wiscon members for the purpose of making this decision."
Well, that's certainly a solutiion.  To what?  I dunno.

"Antarcticlust was the right person for the job because she understood the need for someone to do it, and she had a plan, and she was willing to spar with reluctant and established concom members to get it in place before W38. Antarcticlust is a career academic, and the plan was based on the well-established academic model for dealing with harassment cases. Of course, this model has known flaws, and (in hindsight) I think the subcommittee system failed in a pretty typical fashion. "

The flaws in the academic model are not so much "known" as "notorious", witness the social media and mass media coverage -- including a front-page article in the New York Times! --  this Spring.  I bring this up because antarcticlust has repeatedly referred to her academic expertise as proof of her competence.    I would expect a person with academic expertise to be intimately familiar with, not just the flaws in the model, but the ongoing scandals directly attributable to this model.
Two down in the [personal profile] jamiam  comment thread; jamiam is once again speaking:

" I'm involved in STEM and academia as well as SFF fandom; I can tell you a hell of lot more people are impacted by the abuse that goes on in academia and STEM fields right now, and there are a hell of a lot more interesting words printed on the topic of how to deal with it in those fields."
And let their mothers lean from the upper windows and cry, "Let it blaze! Let it blaze! For we have done with this 'education!”   -- Virginia Woolf.  
Let it blaze.   I have done with this 'feminist convention'.
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([personal profile] thistleingrey Jul. 21st, 2014 08:25 am)
Right on cue: while unpacking a box that had lived for over two decades in my mother's home, I've found several Darkover novels, The Keeper's Price, three S&S anthologies, and Piers Anthony's Battle Circle (omnibus of Sos the Rope, Var the Knife, and someone the Stick) . . . as well as the second trio of Glen Cook's Black Company books, Where the Red Fern Grows, and a random library discard called The Golden Doors by Edward Fenton, which acquainted me minimally with Guelphs and Ghibellines. Cook's novels ought not to be in that box in terms of strata, though Fern stands out in the other temporal direction. Fern is the first novel I remember for provoking tears, when I was seven, and I didn't read Cook till Usenet days, during college or shortly afterwards.

eBay tips for selling books (not these in particular) would be very welcome. I have a few first-printing Star Trek original series novels that I don't care to keep, frex, and though I don't imagine that they'll fetch a lot of money, it'd be nice to pair them with someone who does care. (After I've read a paperback, generally one cannot tell that anyone has.)

This is the email I sent to the Member Advocate in response to the decision:

I'm writing to object to the decision made in the Jim Frenkel harassment case. It is unsatisfactory both as a resolution to this case and as an indication of how Wiscon will handle harassment cases in the future. It is especially disappointing coming from a feminist organization. I've seen Wiscon go through turmoil and divisive arguments over the past ten years (the POC Safe Space, Moonfail), but I've also seen Wiscon demonstrate a commitment to doing better by reversing those previous mistakes and poor decisions. That is what I expected to happen with the two mishandled harassment cases (Jim Frenkel and F. J. Bergmann) that have been under scrutiny.

The Wiscon Subcommittee on the harassment case stated that "WisCon will (provisionally) not allow Jim Frenkel to return for a period of four years (until after WisCon 42 in 2018)." This is a very obscure way of saying that he is only definitely banned for Wiscon 39 in 2015 and may return by 2016.

I am not in favor of zero-tolerance policies, primarily because they discourage people from reporting. However, Jim Frenkel's actions more than suffice for a permanent ban. The suggestion that he might be permitted to represent the con in an official capacity as a program participant or volunteering in another capacity just adds insult to injury.

To review Frenkel's actions:

1) He harassed Lauren Jankowski and Elise Matthesen on separate occasions in front of multiple witnesses at Wiscon 37.

2) Multiple women have come forward to attest that he has a long-term pattern of harassment of a period of years.

3) When his presence was challenged by Liz Henry at the con, he said that he had deliberately chosen to attend Wiscon 38 because of the public outcry after Wiscon 37, rather than showing any contrition or understanding of the impact of his actions.

I would be in favor of a permanent ban even if he had shown some sign of learning better, but the third point makes it especially outrageous that you are taking so many pains to give him opportunities to "reform".

This prioritizes the harasser over his targets, and is only compounded by the Committee's statement that

Any consideration of allowing him to return will be publicized in WisCon publications and social media at least three months before a final decision is made.

This requires the targets of his harassment to argue that their safety supersedes a harasser's well-being. How is this even an argument rather than an assumption at "the world's leading feminist convention"? This doesn't offer the targets the opportunity to speak for themselves; it just exposes them to public and protracted discussion of their harassment. I, personally, still do not ever want to see or hear the names of people who harassed me much longer ago than four years. Or one year.

I am not sure what can be done to amend the damage this decision has caused, but the following would be a start:

(1) The institution of permanent ban against Jim Frenkel.

(2) Yet another apology to Elise Matthesen and Lauren Jankowski for mishandling this case.

(3) Publishing the guidelines developed by this committee to handle harassment cases for review by the Wiscon membership. What to do after that would depend on whether the problem here lay in the process or the people. I regret to say this because I like and respect several individuals on the current Committee, but if it's necessary to rewrite the new guidelines, this should be done by people other than the panel for the Jim Frenkel case. This should not be allowed to delay the progress of Bergmann case, which has already gone on too long.


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