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( Jun. 29th, 2009 11:57 am)
I also have a new Gundam Wing story, written for [livejournal.com profile] poilass for Con Or Bust.

Heero has brief encounters with the other pilots when they’re all children.

Rated PG for violence and trauma; this is a story about Heero, so warning for suicide attempts. Given the fanon regarding the subject matter, perhaps I should mention that this story does not contain any child abuse other than that inherent in being trained as a child soldier.

The canon for this story was taken from the manga Episode Zero. It has backstories for the pilots which had been intended to be part of the anime, but were cut for logistical reasons. You don’t have to have read the manga to read this story, and the only things the story spoils are fairly predictable anyway.
A family friend recently went to Japan. Since I gave her a lot of trip advice, she foolishly volunteered to get me a souvenir. I promptly hit her up to go to a doujinshi shop and get me Gundam Wing doujinshi. I gave her detailed advice, but unfortunately...

>O I hope I got what you wanted. The art looked beautiful and the
> clerks were way too busy to help. I got Gundam Wing, but I may have
> failed on the no boys dressed in girls clothing. I thought the
> pictures were of 2 GIRLS, which I thought was so cool.

I'll find out what it is in a couple weeks. Too bad I don't have a scanner.
A plaintive request for Gundam Wing stories came online just when I happened to be feeling both creative and bored. Here you go, [livejournal.com profile] rilina!

First Flight. Trowa is the daring young man on the flying trapeze. No spoilers.

Little Black Notebook. Sally Po, headologist. Vaguely spoilery for Endless Waltz.

Compatibility. Heero's first flight. Spoilery through around episode 35.
Yesterday Yoon and I successfully drove from Pasadena to Little Tokyo, after the previous day's foiled attempt. We played a lot of music. Expect an Angel vid to Aesop Rock's addictive song "None Shall Pass."

After making the alarming discovery that the parking lot I usually use has been covered with a mound of dirt the height and width of a large office building, we found another one and decamped to Daikokuya Ramen, home of LA's best ramen. Some joker on their staff wrote hilarious descriptions of everything on the menus they have up in the windows, explaining that the lines are due to their care for "the delectation of your taste buds," that the ramen tastes so good because it's made from vats of kurobuta pork bones simmered for hours at an undisclosed location, and that they open at noon and close when the soup runs out.

I was hit up by two punk teens for a dollar. "What for?" I asked suspiciously.

"For a mango!" replied eyeliner girl. "They cut them in slices and sprinkle them with chili."

"Oh, well, if it's for a mango," I said, digging around in my wallet.

"You failed your saving throw," remarked Yoon.

Waiting in line outside Daikokuya, I saw an adorable teenybopper Harajuku girl pass by in red-and-white striped tights and several layers of ruffled lace blouses and shorts. It was the first time I've ever seen genuine Japanese teen fashion in LA, and I am really curious whether she was an Angeleno or a homesick Japanese tourist.

The ramen comes in enormous bowls of richly flavored pork broth adorned with pork slices, scallions, bamboo shoots, bean sprouts, and a whole hard-boiled egg. All conversation ceased as we inhaled it. I had a Ramune, a bubble-gum-flavored Japanese soda sealed with a marble which you use the lid to pop down into a compartment in the bottle, where it then rolls around in an entertaining fashion.

We went to LA's oldest mochi shop for dessert. I had sakura mochi and chestnut yokan. I think the owner was a little confused about which season it was.

Then we went to Kinokuniya, where we both pounced with glee upon the two copies of the Gundam Wing art book. Alas, it is not the one where the artists, who must be Duo/Heero shippers, drew endless pictures of them dripping wet, arms around each other, shirtless, and/or all of the above and also in a boy band AU.

I then became hypnotized by a $ 50 book on seasonal mochi, with Japanese and English and exquisite photographs and text like this:

Yuusuzumi (Evening Cool), August. When the evening comes, a hot day becomes bearable with the arrival of a cool breeze. The appearance of people enjoying the evening cool on the veranda or outside is embodied by white and pale blue soboro, intricate bits of bean paste.

But how could I justify spending $ 50 on a mochi book? Then the soul of the universe commanded me to buy it, and we all know what happens when you ignore that. Or maybe when you obey it. Hard to say. I now own the book, and must write a story featuring mochi and sell it to earn back its cost.

In conclusion, there are scans up of the bento otaku manga, for the three people here who read my LJ but not [livejournal.com profile] telophase's.
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( Jan. 10th, 2008 01:07 pm)
[livejournal.com profile] flemmings, thank you so, so much! What a fantastic surprise!

She sent me a random grab bag of Gundam Wing doujinshi! EEEEEEEEE!!! [livejournal.com profile] yhlee, we can play show-and-tell on Saturday!

PS: I'm just as happy that, as per the card, the "long-haired, dewey-eyed, twelve-year-old Duo ones were not included. Thanks for that, too!
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( Jan. 4th, 2008 01:24 pm)
[livejournal.com profile] meganbmoore has fallen into my wicked snare and is watching the series even as we speak.

In case you missed it in the Yuletide frenzy, [livejournal.com profile] springgreen posted a lovely Duo story, Salvation. Mild post-series spoilers, ie, it will tell you whether or not Duo survives.
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( Dec. 20th, 2007 07:13 pm)
This has been kind of an intense week. Yesterday I got back home and collapsed like Heero in my icon. However, I have now been fortified with sleep, take-out, and several volumes of Angel Sanctuary (which I will write up shortly, if I can come up with something more coherent than "OH MY GOD!!!"-- why yes, I just finished volume 17), and now feel ready for my next mission. Like a Yuletide Treat!

Ob-GWing: Are there any Gundam Wing communities where you can post fic links? I want to draw more attention to [livejournal.com profile] rilina_fic's story, [livejournal.com profile] yhlee's hilarious Yuletide-meta A Gundam Yuletide, and, um, mine. I tried at [livejournal.com profile] gundam_herald, but they ignored me.
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( Dec. 18th, 2007 11:54 am)
I have a new story up, Cookies. Heero needs his own personal therapist; Duo gives it a shot. PG, 2000 words, spoilers through episode 9 (the one where they're in high school together).

In case you missed it, [livejournal.com profile] rilina_fic wrote me Transit, a gorgeous, moving story about Trowa at an airport. G, 500 words, spoilers for the entire series.
[livejournal.com profile] rilina_fic wrote me "Transit," a story about Trowa, and bad coffee and hope and the price of war. It's bittersweet and beautiful and it made me cry. It might have been written just for me-- oh wait, it was written just for me! I have the best friends ever.

Thank you so, so much! (And thank you, [livejournal.com profile] springgreen, for betaing and keeping the secret.) Now you can post it so other people can read it too.

ETA: Here it is. Spoilers for the entire series Gundam Wing, but not for the movie.
The orgy poll was inspired by reading this fantastic Gundam Wing story, Drift, which has the distinction of being the only orgy story I've ever liked: sweet, hot, plausible, and very very funny. No series spoilers, but as the humor is all character-based, I don't know if it would work if you don't know the series.

Torch's other stories are here. The long stories in "Theory of Flight," and the excellent (not PWP) sex scene outtakes from them in "Theory of Fiction" are quiet, atmospheric, and very well-written. They're spoilery through about episode 16. Of the stand-alone stories, "Winterlong" is a bit sentimental but nice (vaguely spoilery for the end of the series), and "Drift" is excellent. I don't really recommend the others.

I wrote a story about Trowa, Heero, and the relationship between mechanic and machine, Connection. 1700 words, rated G. SPOILERY through episode 21. Part II in the possibly continuing series, "A Boy Loves His Gundam."

[livejournal.com profile] snarp has posted scans from a hilarious doujinshi featuring teeny shinigami Duo and suicidal Heero-- a match made in Heaven! Spoilery for episode 25, don't read if you're not there yet. Please go help her if you speak Japanese, she's not sure of some dialogue that I bet is really funny.
On Friday, the fabulous [livejournal.com profile] seshat visited [livejournal.com profile] branna and her husband in LA, and brought a ton of Gundam Wing doujinshi for me to ogle. I don't know who was sweeter, the former for dragging them all the way here, or the latter two for making me coffee and dinner in their home while I totally ignored them and read a stack of doujinshi. Thanks guys!

My favorite circles were 25ANS and Nattsu, though there were others that I liked quite a bit but neglected to write down. I love their art, and they actually draw the Gundams too! They draw the boys tinkering with their Gundams! They draw them on missions, with guns! They put in random extra drawings of the supporting characters! They have plot (much of which I couldn't follow!)

There was one side story of Heero and Duo (roommates at some boarding school) adopting a kitten in which the kitten was so cute and kitten-like that I totally forgot my usual aversion to cute domestic stories. I especially liked the page where Heero sees the stray kitten, looks around furtively to make sure no one will see what he's about to do, then guiltily picks it up and cuddles it.

I am now convinced that Duo/Quatre is the most adorable pairing ever. There should be more of it. Also, Quatre looks good in a burnoose, and Duo looks good with a gun in his hand. There should be more of that, too.

Note: If you comment on GW doujinshi, please do not spoil the canon plot in comments.

Then yesterday [livejournal.com profile] yhlee and I watched Avatar through 1.08. Fantastic detail and worldbuilding, likable characters, a fantastic array of weird animals (the flying bison never gets old), and dialogue which is funny without relying on the tired use of anachronistic humor. (I cannot see any animated American movies because every other joke is based on the hilarity of fish/fairy tale characters/cows seeing psychiatrists/having cell phones/making other modern pop culture references, and they're all basically the same joke, and it makes me want to self-detonate rather than hear another one.) Excellent! Spoil me for later episodes and I will drop a giant flying bison on your head.

Yoon reports on Avatar.

Yoon reports on Cain Saga volume 1.

Rilina reports on Gundam Wing 26-30, with pilot sanity rankings.

Rilina reports on Gundam Wing 31-35, with pilot sanity rankings.
[livejournal.com profile] yhlee has put up a hilarious review with screencaps of disc three of Gundam Wing. Visual proof of Trowa's emo clown pants!

You poor relics from the past, let this new age baptize you!
[livejournal.com profile] yhlee wrote up disc 2 here, sadly without screencaps as her computer spat out the disc.

Last four episodes! I am so sorry this series is over. It has been a fantastic ride. I am still obsessed, and look forward to reading and writing fic. And possibly collecting little pilot and Gundam figurines. If there exists anywhere a figurine of Heero self-detonating, I would probably pay a large sum of money for it.

Please post recs for fic and art and meta in comments, if you have any!

[livejournal.com profile] poilass already very kindly gave me some fic recs in this comment thread, which has spoilers through episode 40 so beware; the thread also contains an explanation of the sort of things I’d like to read (and avoid.)

I would add that it would be nice to read fic in which Heero is as crazy as he is in the actual series. And that their canonical backstories are quite angsty enough without adding in sexual abuse. And that Duo should not cry. Or make suicide threats. And that fifteen-year-old boy terrorists should not be more emotionally mature and comfortable with extreme intimacy than, say, me. Certainly not all five of them at the same time.

Though the journey turned out to be better than the destination, the problems with the conclusion were not of the sort that would retroactively ruin a series for me. (Neon Genesis Evangelion and Wolf’s Rain, I’m looking at you.) Actually, I had the same annoying but not deal-breaking issues with the end of Escaflowne: some excellent individual moments and there was no trouble figuring out what happened (as opposed to why), but overall rushed, somewhat incoherent particularly in terms of motivation, and emphasizing the elements that irritated me all along over the ones that I loved. Although I bet it made the Trowa/Quatre shippers happy!

[livejournal.com profile] rushthatspeaks, did you ever find the discs with better subtitles? I’d love to watch them. I could return them when I'm done. I am very, very curious to see if better subtitles could make Treize and Zechs’ motivations less nutso.

The soul of the universe is WHAT?! )
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( Nov. 18th, 2007 06:59 pm)
1. Last night I set some lamb chops on fire. They were good anyway.

2. I am attending a pro-striking writers rally on Tuesday. My friend who previously set me up with married guy, naked-woman-on-shirt guy, stood-me-up guy, negative-sexual-chemistry guy, never-called-me-guy, and guy who wanted to leap out of plane without a parachute (wait... could his name have been... something like "Heero?"), assures me that a fantastic single guy will be there. I think that even if one of those attributes is true, the other won't be. Also, don't know how I could possibly find him when there will be thousands of marchers and I don't know what he looks like.

I think I won't wear my corset.

Cut for insect.

Read more... )
In case you missed it, Rilina reviewed episodes 4 and 5, and I wrote a little ficlet about Quatre (massively spoilery through episode 40), Coalescence.

This was a gloriously whacked-out set of episodes. I particularly enjoyed the resolution of Trowa's current plotline, which was both unexpected and even better than what I had thought would happen.

Every time I think a character cannot possibly get more insane... they get more insane. Noting Sally Po's expert and much-needed use of headology, particularly on Wu Fei, Oyce and I speculated on the effect Granny Weatherwax would have on the Gundam-verse. We think the entire series would last one episode.

Also, we have revised our 100-point crazy system once again to account for new data.

I am baffled by Dorothy's purpose in the series. If it is to bring on the crazy, I would say that we already have quite enough of that. )
I have committed fic! It is massively spoilery through episode 40 (disc eight) and for two of the best plot twists in the whole series, so don't click unless you've watched that far.

Also, I haven't watched any further either, so please don't spoil me! (I'm guessing it doesn't actually turn out the way I surmise; consider it an AU.)

It's about the very special relationship between a boy and his Gundam, in this case Quatre and Sandrock. No doubt full of strange fanon! 680 words, rated G.

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( Nov. 15th, 2007 08:26 am)
I have created a monster! Rilina (not named after Relena) watches episode 1... and episodes 2-3.

I never get tired of linking Yoon's screenshots of disc one.

I had been worried about the direction the series was taking after the last disc, which had some good bits but was overall disappointing. I needn’t have. This disc was chock full of awesome from beginning to end. It is killing me that if Yoon and I continue our re-watch at the current pace, it will be seven more weeks before I can get screencaps of it. But it will be worth the wait!

Incidentally, yesterday I saw freeway exit graffiti reading EPYON SMITE. Indeed, this disc contained many instances of Epyon smiting.

Due to events in this disc, Oyce and I have revised our theory of the 100-points of craziness shared between the Gundam pilots. That is, I am pretty sure the system holds up to a certain point in the series, but after that, new events bring in a sort of ancillary system that must be taken into account. However, its nature is spoilery, so I will put it behind a cut.

Zechs is never going to notice that the bird mask fails utterly to conceal his identity, is he? )
I will elaborate more beneath the cut, but this disc has further evidence for the theory that the 5 Gundam pilots share a fixed amount of insanity between them. For ease of calculation, let's assume it's 100 crazy points, with more points making you more crazy. 0-10 is probably within the normal range.

In disc one, I estimate that Duo and Quatre each have 2 1/2 (remarkably stable under the circumstances), Trowa and Wu Fei each have 15 (weird but possibly not diagnosable), and Heero has 65. When Heero gets less crazy, the others get more crazy, and so equilibrium is maintained.

I should start tracking the crazy points during the re-watch I'm doing with Yoon (who is watching for the first time.) In case you missed my weekend post:

She has an excellent report up on our day, including a recap of the first disc of Gundam Wing, with truly hilarious screencaps. We have visual proof that Heero was programmed with Adobe Photoshop. That explains a lot.

By the way, Yoon has clearly been an unnatural influence on me: I'm voluntarily doing math!

Disc 7 suffered badly from too much Relena, and not enough pilots-other-than-Heero. Come back, other Gundam pilots! Die, Relena! DIE!!!

I was mostly bored by the goings-on in Sanc, which was a problem since there was quite a bit of that. I am hoping Sanc will be destroyed (again) in the next disc. Hopefully along with Relena.

In the year After Colony 195, 'Gundam Pilot' is accepted as a diagnosis by the DSM-IV )


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