I am holding an online book drive to benefit a middle school/high school in Compton. If you have any young adult or middle grade (children's) books in good condition, you can help create a school library by mailing them to the address at the bottom of this post.

If you don't have any books, please consider linking to this post.

Books with Latino/Latina or African-American protagonists would probably be especially appreciated, as that describes most of the students. The students also love manga and other comics, and were hugely excited when I donated some. Many students can read Spanish, and some primarily read Spanish. Other than that, send anything - fiction or nonfiction.

Lifeline Education Charter School is in a low income area, and textbooks are so expensive that they can't afford to buy other books. Mr. Obed Nartey, with whom I had a lovely talk at the school the other day, is creating a new library/computer lab for the students. He is also starting a book club.

Students are already excited about this... but they need something to read. Please help them out, if you can. I will put up some photos of the library which you helped create, when it launches.

Please send books here. Media mail is the cheapest way to mail books.

Attn: Mr. Obed Nartey
Lifeline Education Charter School
225 South Santa Fe
Compton, CA 90221

If you think you'll send something, please comment, so I can give Mr. Nartey a heads-up to expect some packages.

ETA: If you're thinking of ordering something specifically for the school, Reading in Color has a bunch of book reviews here which might give you some ideas: http://blackteensread2.blogspot.com/p/reviews-by-title.html

She also has several book lists: http://blackteensread2.blogspot.com/p/booklists.html


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