1. Horses cannot vomit. Not even if they're poisoned. This is one reason why they're so likely to die from digestive problems or, for that matter, poisoning.

2. You cannot "fillet" a jerboa for dinner. That goes sextuple if you're cooking for six people. Jerboas are this big. If you tried filleting one, you would get two slivers of meat the size of a quarter. I'd believe catching a bunch of them and cooking them more-or-less whole in a stew, if there was nothing better available.

3. If someone has a head injury, keeping them awake is not a form of treatment. It will not, by itself, save their life, stop them from going into a coma, or do anything else to help their condition. It is an old-fashioned form of diagnosis. If the patient is asleep, you can't tell if they're actually unconscious or in a coma. If they're supposed to be awake and they pass out, or you can't wake them up, then you know something is seriously wrong. Note that 1) this is only useful information if you have the facilities to do emergency surgery, magical healing, etc, 2) it's not necessary if you can do a CAT scan, magical scan, etc.

What common (or uncommon but hilarious) factual errors have you come across recently, or come across frequently and wish would die?


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