Note to helpful commenters: Please at least attempt to explain what is incomprehensible, even in brief (I realize this is inherently difficult.) For example, "I understood it until Dave turned into a giant space fetus, unless that was supposed to be metaphorical."

If the series/movie/whatever is still running or is very recent (like Tsubasa) please black out or rot13 spoilers! (Go to to encrypt and decrypt, it's easy.)

I did not find Angel Sanctuary that hard to follow once I got past the first few volumes. On the other hand I am still not sure what what happened to God, Lucifer, or the flying cannibal angel embryo armada, so I think it qualifies. It was probably just comprehensible in comparison to, say, Fairy Cube.

I still have no idea what happened at the end of Akira, except that I think it involved destroying Tokyo.

My further nominees: The Quiet Earth: A mysterious event leaves Earth depopulated except for three people. I am not sure what happened at the end or why, but it's possible that one of the men was mysteriously whisked to a moon of Jupiter.

Was Altered States the movie in which William Hurt watches a trippy light show for twenty minutes, then turns into a chimpanzee?
I tachiyomi'd this, so I nothing to refer back to. However, I don't think that would have made much of a difference.

This wins the prize as the single most incoherent manga I have ever read, even beating The World Exists For Me. And volume three may have been the least comprehensible volume of the bunch. Not only could I not follow the story in general, I usually couldn't tell what was happening on any given page. (I read the whole thing out of sheer amazement.)

Upon consulting [ profile] oyceter, I discovered that part of my confusion was caused by two misapprehensions. I had thought that there was only one long-haired man with an eye-patch. There are two. Also, I thought that Tokage had vanished from the story and some random guy named Isaiah had appeared. What actually happens is that Tokage turns out to be named Isaiah.

There is a dead fairy God on an oxygen mask, a door into Faerie, and people crawling in and out of other people's bodies. Ian gets full-sized wings, or maybe that's an illusion. Faerie and Earth merge, unless that's an illusion too. Oh, and Rin enters a beauty pageant in order to rescue Ian. I forget why she thought that would help.

There's a long side-story that made more sense, but reminded me of the duller and more obvious stand-alone stories in Godchild.

So, does anyone have any idea what happened?
Just as pretty, twice as incoherent!

Um... there was a sacrifice to an evil bloodthirsty Celtic fairy God, and I think Tokage has the power to turn into knives, and there's a sandworms and a fairy Halliburton and its androgynous heir with a strap-on pacemaker, and Rin grows a backbone (metaphorically) and spontaneously combusts (literally) but not to death, and Ian's mom is a ten-year-old surrounded by creepy rabbit dolls, and people keep appearing in panels without prior notice that they were there.

ETA: I forgot that one of the several abusive parents gets chained up in the basement. That was pretty awesome.

Did anyone understand this? What was going on with Raven and Kaito? Who was the blonde woman with Raven in the incomprehensible concluding flashback?
Ian was born with a birthmark of butterfly wings on his back and can see fairies. Until his abusive father burned off his wings! Ian has a fairy companion or possibly alter ego, unseen by anyone else, the evil lizard spirit Tokage. Ian's best friend Rin, who was abused by her mother, was the only person who believed in Ian's fairies. Then their respective abusive parents ganged up and separated them. Or something like that.

Now people are dropping dead with blood exploding from their backs in the shape of wings. A mysterious guy gives Ian a cube with a lizard inside. And then many spoilers lead to the actual text in the spoiler-cut, which believe it or not is a single sentence of dialogue, spoken by a character upon her first appearance:

Discovering that a missing child that was thrown from the car is still alive... the child of my daughter, who ran off with the butler and died in a car accident ten years ago along with her husband. )

Wings and blood and fairies fly in all directions!

Very beautiful, very eventful, very incoherent. To get an idea of the experience of reading the manga, print out my synopsis above, cut out each sentence individually, toss them in the air, and then read them scattered on the floor while alternately glancing at gorgeous pictures and playing Steeleye Span.


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