Twin sisters Kasumi and Shizuku are both infected by the Medusa virus, which makes you turn into stone and drop dead. But only Kasumi is selected to be put into suspended animation in the hope of a cure being found later.

But when she and a handful of other post-cryonic Medusa victims wake up, their disease has not been cured and the world is totally post-apocalyptic. Cue four volumes of survivalism, monster-battling, and the quest for answers and a cure. Need I even mention that some of the survivors are highly suspicious and may be ringers?

Fast-paced apocalyptic adventure. I was especially taken with the volume which devotes most of its page-count to a battle with a hallucinogenic giant toad composed of millions of hallucinogenic tiny toads.

Buy it from Amazon: King of Thorn Volume 1 (King of Thorn)


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