Sherwood Smith and I are offering a signed copy of our Avatar the Last Airbender spec script. This is a one-time offer, and the script may not be duplicated or distributed. For your eyes only!
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( Dec. 13th, 2007 11:58 am)
SQUEE! I love the beautifully detailed and coherent worldbuilding! I love the creatures! I love the realism-- supply lines, friendly fire, idealistic freedom fighters who don't care about civilian casualties, different currencies, and economies. I love that likable characters can still have scary temper tantrums and fits of depression. I love that there is strategy! I love the martial arts! I love the eunuchs behind the throne! I love the genuinely snappy dialogue! I love the exquisitely gorgeous animation! I love that there is BRAINWASHING!!! AWESOME!!!

I really disliked several unfunny fluff episodes early on, so I was relieved that once the ongoing narrative kicked in, it became compelling once again, and dispensed with the stupid hippies and swamp rednecks.

Though, I hate the romantic scenes. They clunk horribly. Also, everyone is twelve and it's creepy. Though Yoon and I fell into a fit of hysterics at imagining Zuko trying to court a girl, so that could be amusing if it ever happens.

[ profile] yhlee has more coherent notes. Spoil us in any way, and die via pinpoint chi-strikes.

Is that a giant mushroom? Maybe it's friendly. )
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( Dec. 6th, 2007 02:58 pm)
Can some kind person burn and mail me Avatar season 3 on DVD or CD, up to the current episode? I am writing a spec script for it, and need to catch up ASAP.

In return, I could send you anything or multiple anythings from this list:

Or I could write you a story. Or mail you Japanese candy or home-made cookies. (Seriously!)

ETA: Got it!
On Friday, the fabulous [ profile] seshat visited [ profile] branna and her husband in LA, and brought a ton of Gundam Wing doujinshi for me to ogle. I don't know who was sweeter, the former for dragging them all the way here, or the latter two for making me coffee and dinner in their home while I totally ignored them and read a stack of doujinshi. Thanks guys!

My favorite circles were 25ANS and Nattsu, though there were others that I liked quite a bit but neglected to write down. I love their art, and they actually draw the Gundams too! They draw the boys tinkering with their Gundams! They draw them on missions, with guns! They put in random extra drawings of the supporting characters! They have plot (much of which I couldn't follow!)

There was one side story of Heero and Duo (roommates at some boarding school) adopting a kitten in which the kitten was so cute and kitten-like that I totally forgot my usual aversion to cute domestic stories. I especially liked the page where Heero sees the stray kitten, looks around furtively to make sure no one will see what he's about to do, then guiltily picks it up and cuddles it.

I am now convinced that Duo/Quatre is the most adorable pairing ever. There should be more of it. Also, Quatre looks good in a burnoose, and Duo looks good with a gun in his hand. There should be more of that, too.

Note: If you comment on GW doujinshi, please do not spoil the canon plot in comments.

Then yesterday [ profile] yhlee and I watched Avatar through 1.08. Fantastic detail and worldbuilding, likable characters, a fantastic array of weird animals (the flying bison never gets old), and dialogue which is funny without relying on the tired use of anachronistic humor. (I cannot see any animated American movies because every other joke is based on the hilarity of fish/fairy tale characters/cows seeing psychiatrists/having cell phones/making other modern pop culture references, and they're all basically the same joke, and it makes me want to self-detonate rather than hear another one.) Excellent! Spoil me for later episodes and I will drop a giant flying bison on your head.

Yoon reports on Avatar.

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