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2007-05-14 09:27 pm


nbc.com is streaming Heroes, right? How long after each ep is broadcast? Cause guess who's brand new TV just dropped dead?
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2007-03-05 10:08 pm
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Heroes 1x18: Parasite

ZOMG eleventy-one!!!!! Ack, how will I ever survive six Hiro-less weeks?

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2007-02-26 10:08 pm
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Heroes 1x17: Company Man

How did I love this episode? Let me count the ways.

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2006-10-09 09:00 pm
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Heroes # 3 "One Giant Leap": blogged LIVE!

ETA: Actually, this episode was quite good-- a huge improvement over the last one.

Oh, dear, they have not yet dropped the portentous and pseudo-scientific voice-over.

Also, if there was meant to be any ambiguity whatsoever about Clare's Dad, they should stop referring to him as "evil" and "the enemy" in the previews.

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2006-10-02 09:18 pm
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Heroes # 2: blogged LIVE!

Because there is no one with me to snark to, except my cat, and she doesn't care.

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