I and some others were watching a martial arts demonstration in the open air, on a plateau - maybe a mountaintop. No buildings anywhere, just flat earth. We were all sitting on the ground. The person sitting beside me scooted back, and I leaned forward to see what he was trying to get away from.

I hadn't noticed it before, but there was a hole in the ground, like a sinkhole, twisting downward like a tornado bored into the earth, lined with jagged rock protrusions. It went down and down, thousands of feet, but I could see all the way to the bottom. The tunnel stopped short, so there was a space of open air with no tunnel walls around it, and beneath that was moving, foam-streaked water, like you'd see through the cracks in a pier. I wasn't certain, but I thought it was the ocean. I felt a sense of awe.

ETA: I feel like certain images have been recurring recently: bodies of water, the ocean, eels and snakes, and horses or horselike things like deer or centaurs. (I haven't written up all my dreams here - some I scribbled into my notebook and never got around to transcribing.)

Before I started the program, or maybe very soon into it, I had a dream which I remember because I wrote it down. (It felt significant.)

I was riding my bicycle along the Pacific Coast Highway between LA and Santa Barbara, where it's a narrow strip between the hills and the ocean. I somehow had gotten off the highway, and was riding on a perilously narrow bike trail on the hills, a long way up. The sea below was an intense, electric blue. I was frightened.

I came upon a group of people, and one of them told me, "If you got up, you can get down the same way."
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I am envisioning all that as a comic book. Some of that would look really cool in art.

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"If you got up, you can get down the same way."


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