Apparently book donations have been pouring in. Mr. Nartey has sent me this letter to pass on.

If anyone would like a tax write-off form, email me and I'll forward one to you.

Dear Donor,

On behalf of Lifeline Education Charter School, I would like to thank you for your generous donation of proving reading books for the school. Your contribution makes it possible for us to set up a library for our students.

This year the school is eager to raise enough books to set up a library which will help in the reading and writing program that will be implemented. This is only possible because of thoughtful contributions from people like you.

Currently, we are looking at getting shelves for the library and we are asking parents to help with that contribution. We desire to get the library and our reading/writing club to begin by the end of next month. We hope for your continued support in the future.

Please keep this written acknowledgement of your donation for your tax records.

Once again, thank you for your generous donation.


Mr. Obed Nartey
Campus Administrator
Lifeline Education Charter School
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From: [personal profile] bunners

Hey, I'm going to hit up the used bookstore this weekend and was thinking I could maybe fill in some gaps in this project, if there are any at this point. Would you be willing to either ask Mr. Nartey what they'd prefer to receive at this point, or pass along his contact information? I'd appreciate either!

From: [identity profile]

Through the combined processes of a)digging out my ancient Viz manga (and a few other comics that aren't as dated as 1980s Marvels) and b)judiciously redefining YA books to include things like Miles Vorkosigan novels, I have managed to put together a fairly heavy package. So you can tell Mr. Nartey to expect that in a week or so. I may be able to send a few more things later.

From: [identity profile]

I hope my books arrived okay. I realised after I sent the box that I forgot to include my letter and info. Whoops. :)

From: [identity profile]

I need to drop some more books off myself, so I'll check.

From: [identity profile]

It would be a box of books from San Francisco. :)

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