Date: 2013-05-24 07:38 pm (UTC)
I just reread the scene where John realizes that Kahlil is Kyle (when he asks if John remembers their phone number on earth, and then feels stupid for asking a stupid question). John is obviously in shock to realize this is Kyle from earth, but at the time I didn't quite get what his reaction was about. I mean John might have guessed, or not, but having it confirmed would still be hard, I think, and he needed to retreat and regroup.

This is a small thing, but I remember when I was more than halfway through the book thinking, gosh, you know, it's kind of convenient that Ravishan was so helpful and nice to John right off the bat, for no real reason. Then further on, Kahlil, talking about what Ravishan had vs himself, says he prayed and prayed for a new teacher other than that ghastly Dayyid and he never got one (unlike Ravishan). And it was kind of heartbreaking. So then I think, yes, perfect, Hale DID have an explanation for Ravishan's open-armed welcome of John.

Except, Hale had already told me that, way back when!

I think there's a lot to process, so it's hard to keep it all together. Fortunately you don't have to to love the book. But it does reward rereading. (Even very slow rereading.)

As for your question, I think I knew Laurie was issusa'shim, though maybe not that she was partial. However, I also thought John's loss of control killed Ravishan. And I'll have to look out for Rousma's telepathy this read through, as I missed that.

No wonder the priest goes ballistic on them!

I loved that!

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