This is the sequel to Malinda Lo’s Adaptation. The entire premise of Inheritance is a spoiler for Adaptation, so all I will say outside of the cut is that I enjoyed the sequel. Below the cut are huge spoilers for both books.

I missed the early apocalyptic sections of Adaptation, but I enjoyed the working-out of all the complicated emotional and alien-related issues of the first book. There were a couple moments of clunky didacticism (like the sudden info-dump on the history of Chinese oppression in America) but it was mostly a lot of fun: running around being chased by government goons, having alien-human culture clashes, and exploring psychic powers.

I particularly enjoyed the competing pro and anti LGBTQ demonstrators, each with their own unique take on the relevance of the aliens to their own cause. And the resolution to the love triangle was truly refreshing. Go Team David AND Amber!


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So glad you liked Inheritance! :) I enjoyed it so much.

One of my favourite scenes was the one where Reese shares food with David at the Chinese restaurant. ^_^ I love Malinda Lo's descriptions of eating and food - they're so vivid and rich. They make me hungry...

I didn't like Amber in the first book, but she became much more sympathetic and elarned from her mistakes in the first book. *Cheers for Team David and Amber*

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