I have a story in an upcoming Darkover anthology, Stars of Darkover! I was so excited to be invited to write for it. I'm also excited to read everyone else's stories.

My story, "The Fountain's Choice," is set in the Stormqueen! era, when there was lots of genetic engineering and decadence. It's about an emmasca and a riyachiya (an intersex person and a genetically engineered sex slave, neither of them entirely human), and I had a lot of fun writing it. It was a bit of a Yuletide-esque experience, complete with firing off multiple peculiar canon questions to an expert (in this case, Deborah, the editor), like "Exactly how long would it take to walk from x location to y location?" and "Is it obvious from birth that a baby is an emmasca?"
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You have written about exactly the Darkover elements I wanted someone to write about.
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Congratulations! I look forward to reading it!

(Er, because there are boatloads of Darkover books: any recs for where I should start? Or what I should avoid like the plague, if anything?)
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The Bloody Sun is often recommended as an entry, and I found it a good one myself.

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I haven't read nearly all of them, but I started with the books about the Renunciates (basically, feminist separatists): The Shattered Chain, Thendara House, and City of Sorcery. I really liked these, especially the first two, but then I was disappointed that most of the remaining Darkover books I read weren't as focused on female characters.

I can't remember any that were notably awful (though I'm sure there are some); I drifted away from the series because (a) a lot of plot elements get recycled and (b) I was depressed by how sexist everything was outside of the Renunciates.

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Wow, blast from the past! I used to love those anthologies as a teen.

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OK, I'll bite. IS it obvious?

We're between covers together! With lots of amazing people! I can't wait to read your story.

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Yes, their genitalia look different.

I'm excited to read yours too! What era is yours set in.

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But Rachel, I just reread Snows of Darkover, and it was so not good that I kind of swore off Darkover forever. Why do you torment me by making it awesome again?

(I could've answered the emmasca thing though)

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I haven't actually read any of the other stories, but check out the other authors - I expect it to be excellent overall. I also gather that there is one other story about an emmasca, and one other story about a riyachiya. I am curious to see what the other authors did with their characters.
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I have a story in an upcoming Darkover anthology, Stars of Darkover!


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I've always found writing what's in a real sense licensed fanfic tremendously fun. (Have done it for Darkover, Valdemar, and Bordertown, so far.)

Your story sounds awesomely gender exploration-y.

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Elaine and Kennard's romance. (Between Star of Danger and Heritage of Hastur.)

From Elaine's POV. Because Elaine is so present, in some ways, throughout the later books, and yet she never gets a voice in them at all.

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Oh, interesting! I didn't even think of writing about existing characters.

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My first Darkover story (20 years ago--my first pro sale!) wasn't about existing characters, though I knew some of the other Darkover stories were.

When I realized that was what I wanted to do for this story, I cleared it with the editors first. It was a somewhat different experience, writing characters so closely tied to existing canon. But then, returning to Darkover after two decades made it a different experience anyway! It was truly fascinating to go back after so much time--I really enjoyed getting to return.
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