If you were to pre-order the hardcover and then get pregnant, it and the baby would arrive at about the same time. Check out the gorgeous cover, if you haven't already!
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I feel like this entry is suggesting I pre-order and then get knocked up. Do I have that right?

Excited to see your book cover!
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As someone who is (Somewhat leisurely in this second case) trying to get pregnant, this seems a rather odd incentive. Buy one novel, get one baby?

(Considering my book buying habits, that had better NOT be the usual pace from now on... and what would library borrowing end up being. A babysitting stint?)
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If you were to pre-order the hardcover and then get pregnant, it and the baby would arrive at about the same time.

That is an excellent formulation.


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I wonder how months I can shrink my paunch. Once I asked Kai-Yin if I looked like I was three months pregnant. I expected her to laugh and say yes. So she looked at my belly appraisingly, and said, no, more like five, maybe even six months!

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In the news, there were two stories that appeared at around the same time. First, Amazon is looking into deliveries by drone. Second, some company will turn baby ultrasounds into 3D-printed dolls. So naturally, I thought they should combine the two ideas and deliver the printouts in bathtubs by drones dressed like storks (instead of shipped in boxes lined with silk/velvet and thus did great imitations of coffins).

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Some company will turn baby ultrasounds into printed dolls?? o_O I seriously love babies, but that sounds terrifying!

Reality trumping fiction in being weirder: Reality 1, fiction 0.

From: [identity profile] anglerfish07.livejournal.com

Congratulations! That is so exciting. :D

I've pre-ordered Stranger. :)

From: [identity profile] lady-ganesh.livejournal.com

I know this is a futile complaint, but I would really love to know who I'd have to perform oral sex on to get an e-book preorder.

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