Deborah Ross solicited me to write a story for a new Darkover anthology a while back, and was very understanding about extending the deadline when I had a grad school-related crisis. Thank you, Deborah!

The anthology is out now. My story is a novelette (10K) about a genetically engineered sex slave and an emmasca (intersex person). It features food porn, hurt-comfort, psychic powers, and wilderness survival (typical Rachel tropes), and an asshole father (mandatory Darkover trope.) Also rabbithorns. I assume those are rabbits with horns.

Here's me describing my story in slightly more detail.

The anthology also features Janni Simner, Judith Tarr, Kari Sperring, and other excellent authors. If you like Darkover, you will probably like it.

Stars of Darkover (Darkover anthology Book 14)
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From: [personal profile] yhlee

Noted for future purchase. :)
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From: [personal profile] rymenhild

Having purchased it and read about half of the stories since I saw your link, I can say that this may be the Darkover anthology with highest overall quality I think I've ever read.

I do hope there's a Renunciates story in there somewhere. In my early teens, I MASSIVELY shipped Magda/Jaelle - I mean, I didn't know the words "shipping" or "slash" at the time, but oh did I ever ship it. I think it was because, although I couldn't admit it in the sexual confusion of age 14, I had an enormous crush on Jaelle. There was this girl in my camp bunk with the most glorious red hair... ahem. Anyway. I enjoyed your story very much!
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From: [personal profile] rymenhild

Ha. Well, your ship is canon. I think I'd be more sympathetic to Camilla if I read Thendara House now. At age 14, I liked femmes. (Again, not a word I knew.) Now I have a genderqueer partner and my perspectives have changed accordingly.
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From: [personal profile] luzula

I reread The Shattered Chain and Thendara House recently, and I totally plan to request that for Yuletide!

I dunno, I would like Magda/Jaelle if not for the end, where Jaelle is portrayed as really...childlike? I mean, Magda even calls her "child" repeatedly. I mean, I get that Jaelle is having a breakdown and all, but that is just not a dynamic I like--please to give me some competent!Jaelle.

I really like Magda/Camilla, though! I feel like Camilla gets short shrift at the end.

Hmm, I wonder if the reason why there is so little Darkover fic is because there is basically official published fanfic for them? I am tempted to buy this book but I am not sure I want to brave Amazon, which has fucked with me before when it comes to ebooks. *does not have a Kindle*

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I am looking forward to reading all the stories in this!

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How likely am I to understand/enjoy it if I am completely unfamiliar with Darkover?

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I think my story doesn't need much canon info. Here's what you need to know:

On the planet called Darkover, some humans have psychic powers called laran. They got these by interbreeding with the native chieri, who are psychic hermaphrodites. As a result, sometimes babies born to humans have strong chieri traits. They are intersex and often have powerful laran. These people are called emmasca.

There you go!

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Thank you! I will probably check it out at some point when I have money, then, it sounds like something I'd like.

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Also rabbithorns. I assume those are rabbits with horns.

They could be rabbi-thorns, though I am not sure exactly what those would be.
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From: [identity profile]

Ha, my eyes broke it up the same way. :) (Possibly because my brother used to have a VW Rabbit which had lost the 't' at the end of it's name. We always used to call it The Rabbi. The Rabbi was a great car. Never got any maintenance and was driven across the U.S.)

From: [identity profile]

There's a kinky Jewish retelling of Sleeping Beauty in there somewhere. I could change my story request...
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From: [identity profile]

Rabbithorns are thorns that stab rabbis.

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