Anglerfish07 wanted to know about my favorite fusion food. Though I live in the city of Korean tacos and sushi burritos (NO I am not going to try the latter without a sincere personal recommendation), there is one clear answer. It is, of course, Asian-Western pastries and other related desserts.

The form is Western (usually but not exclusively French), the flavors are Asian, and the presentation is exquisite. For instance, black sesame cream puffs, kinako (sweet soy powder)-dusted donuts made with just enough mochi dough to lend a delightful chewiness, mango pudding, white sesame panna cotta, and so forth.

While I enjoy both traditional Western and Asian desserts and pastries, their fusion incarnations lift them to a whole new level. Western desserts are often too sweet for my taste; fusion desserts are just sweet enough. Asian pastries can be too heavy and dense; fusion pastries are typically very light. I'm not that big on chocolate, so a wide array of alternate flavors is nice. Also tropical fruits are objectively superior to temperate fruits.

Japanese pastry chefs in Paris

Behold Chantilly!
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I miss getting to experience pastries with you. You knew the best places. They have great cakes here but they're Western cakes and tend to be too rich for my taste. (I mean, I love the first bite of a chocolate ganache cake and then regret everything afterward...)
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OMG I fucking love sushi burritos. I don't know what they're like down in LA, but Sushirrito in SF is delicious.

Now I want to go to a patisserie here…
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I just googled sushi burrito and it doesn't look like they're anything particularly burrito-y other than the shape. They're just large/uncut rolls...

I love the Mexican/Korean fusions, though. There's one truck that I've been to near the Promenade a few times that had really good bulgogi burritos.
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Nope, if the pics are to be believed, the "burrito"-ness seems to come only from the shape.

We sell uncut sushi rolls at my store on weekends. Maybe we should take to calling them sushi burritos... :p

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Up in the Bay Area they have Punjabi burritos. PUNJABI BURRITOS. WHY ARE THESE NOT EVERYWHERE?

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No! They are Avatar's, the Mill Valley location. They include things like curried pumpkin burrito. If there is one thing I could pick up from the Bay Area and transplant to Minneapolis, it would be Avatar's.

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All of your examples sound awesome and very much like something I'd like to try!

There's a gelato place a few blocks from my house which, in addition to the usual gelato flavors, has things like red bean, black sesame, lychee, and durian, and while lychee is the only one I really really like, it's been neat to try the other ones too (eventually I even sampled durian). And there was a Thai fusion place nearby, that unfortunately closed when the owner moved to Canada, which served the most amazing taro creme brulee with mango salsa.

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Those sound amazing. Taro, black sesame, and lychee are some of my favorite flavors of all time.

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It was so good! And made me realize I love taro in desserts, something that would not have occurred to me from having tasted poi in Hawaii, my only prior culinary experience with it, or seeing taro roots at the supermarket.

Also, I had not heard of Punjabi burritos, but now I really want to try one. Looks like they have them at the Fairfax location, too... maybe I can invent a reason we should go to Fairfax...

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I totally agree about Asian desserts sometimes being too heavy. Anything that's pure mochi just makes me gag (I also hate red bean paste, which was a detriment...)

omg though, kinako!! I'm still on the search for it in Toronto.

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I will have to tell son number 1 about this (I no longer eat any grain or soy, so...). He loves fusion and drove a long way when we were in California to find a highly recommended Korean taco truck.

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Fusion pastries are delicious! :)

There are fantastic French Vietnamese pastries that are very light and have the right amount of sweetness in Sydney.

Taro gelato rocks. I can't get it where I live, but I can in Sydney. ^_^

Thank you for this post! (It's making me kinda hungry...) The link on Japanese pastry chefs in Paris has pictures of the most beautiful and elegant pastries I've ever seen. :)
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We have places like this here in Seattle, too, and they are *delicious*. I can wander down to the International District and be so very tempted. [grin] Yummy House is most familiar, Regent is an easy walk and apparently the home of the "the cake is a lie!" cake from Portal, but Fuji Bakery is my personal absolute favorite. (And in turning up those links, I discovered that Despi Delite Bakery exists, and I'll have to try them now too. Hooray!)

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As a Parisian, I can only agree. Boulangerie Aki's yuzu and matcha éclairs are a true delight. Make sure to try them if you ever visit! :)

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