Five Times Burr Shot Hamilton (And One Time…)

Burr knew, suddenly and inexplicably but with absolute certainty, that he had done this before. He’d killed Alexander Hamilton, but he’d paid for it. Burr watched his bullet fly through the future and shatter his political career, blast him into a trial for treason, leave him penniless and paralyzed, and finally lodge him in a future where he was forever forgotten as anything but the man who had killed the great Hamilton.
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I did! I kudosed, but realized afterward that I wasn't logged in.

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One of history's unanswered questions... what COULD Hamilton have done, if he had lived longer? Could he have lived down the scandal of his affair? Could he have risen to become President if he had? His temper wasn't any worse than Andrew Jackson's, and the people as much as the politicians hated him.

Also, hello fellow Hamilton fan!

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I assume he would have done something, though maybe not as impressive as his earlier achievements. Would Eliza have thought of the orphanage if he'd still been alive? Would they have joined forces for abolitionism?

And would Burr still have tried to make himself the emperor of Mexico, or did that only happen because of his disgrace? And what would Hamilton have done if he had?

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