Date: 2017-01-20 02:04 am (UTC)
sholio: sun on winter trees (Default)
From: [personal profile] sholio
Oh, I have this book! I actually really enjoyed it, because I really love historical stuff, and in particular learning details about historical eras that I knew very little about, and 19th century stage magic was definitely one of those. This is the book that has a chapter on special f/x on the 19th century stage, like magic lanterns and that sort of thing, isn't it? It's been probably a decade since I read it, so I don't remember a lot of the details anymore. It's too bad the book overall was disappointing for you, though, and from what I remember about it, if you aren't going to flip your nut at descriptions of 19th-century stage magic techniques, I can totally see how it would be.

(I was one of those kids who used to teach myself magic tricks out of books and loved watching magic shows to figure out how they were done, not that I can remember any of this stuff now, though I do remember being SO PROUD of myself for figuring out the numerical trick behind one of those "give me a number, I'll do a bunch of manipulations to it and tell you your original number back again" performances on a David Copperfield special when I was about 14. Heh. So this book happened to hit a lot of my areas of interest.)
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