Date: 2017-01-20 02:15 am (UTC)
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I think it was one of those things where if you were already interested, it would be amazing. I unfortunately found the explanations hard to follow - they hit my blind spot for math/physics/engineering - so while normally I'm interested in stagecraft, it was just too technical for me to get much out of it. The chapter on spiritualism was really interesting, though, because that one was not technical at all - it wasn't done with mirrors, it was done with physical movements (which is something I can easily understand) and had a context I had more pre-existing interest in.

(I also figured out how a lot of magic tricks were done (in concept, not in detail) as a kid, but once I figured out the trick, it actually made me less interested.)

Have you read Robertson Davies? He's a Canadian writer who has one novel which is largely about stage magic circa early 20th century (World of Wonders, and another about a modern (well, 80s) production of a 19th century opera produced entirely via of-the-time stage technology (The Lyre of Orpheus. Both those hit my sweet spot of the tech involved being stuff I could actually understand, and so found really interesting (in addition to the books being great as novels.) They're both the third books of trilogies and are best read in order but more-or-less stand alone. In fact I am pretty sure The Lyre of Orpheus was the first Davies book I read and led to me reading everything else he wrote.
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