Date: 2017-01-23 11:35 pm (UTC)
isis: me in an awesome trail race!  (running)
From: [personal profile] isis
I have run nine marathons (including Boston) and one 50K (31 miles) trail ultramarathon, and run the Imogene Pass Run (17 miles on a jeep road over a 13,120' pass, gaining over 5k and then losing over 4k feet; that's me doing it in my icon) five times.

The thing about your definition is that - I like doing difficult things that are fun, but I hate being miserable. And I know a lot of people assume that because I'm a marathoner (and a relatively fast marathoner considering my age and gender) I must love pain and misery, but no! I don't consider long-distance running de facto painful or miserable! I mean, toward the end of a marathon or ultra, I really really really want to be finished, any time now, please, where is the end, but I am not miserable, I don't want to quit, I just want to get to the damned finish line.

Misery for me is sleep deprivation. Running (or trying to run, or walking) through mud. Dense bushwacking. And so although I'd like to run a few more 50Ks and a 50M or 100K, I am discriminating in the ones I consider (major stream crossings? forget it), and I have no interest in 100-milers, and I have absolutely no interest in attempting the Barkley.

But I do attempt difficult things that don't seem like they will be miserable all the time. Last summer I rode my mountain bike 210 miles over 7 days through two mountain ranges, and it was super hard and the last hour of each day was approaching my limit, but I did it. (One day WAS misery. It rained all day and the red clay trail surface turned to mud and I had to push and carry my bike for three miles (which took three hours) while slipping and sliding, and it was horrific. I hated it. I only kept going because no other option.)

So basically, there is no specific difficult thing that I might want to do that I haven't done or wouldn't do if the opportunity arose - but there are specific difficult things I am NOPE NOPE NOPE about, and the Barkley is one of them.
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