Date: 2017-01-23 11:46 pm (UTC)
mildred_of_midgard: (Default)
Physical challenges are not for me, alas. I think maybe I am drawn to characters who have great physical stamina, athletic/combat skills, etc. just because it's so the opposite of me. (Characters being very different from me keeps me from going "This is boring, I already have that covered" or, worse, "You're doing it wrong/I could do it better.")

As for hard things I would consider doing if all the obstacles were wiped away, you mentioned the bar exam, so I'm sure you'll be shocked to learn that I have daydreamed about taking the MCAT since high school. ;)

I think studying for it would be interesting in the absence of other concrete uses to put this information to, and I'm curious to see how I would fare.

Obstacles: you have to get special permission to take it if you're not applying to medical school, you can only apply to medical school if you're planning on being a medical practitioner, I don't want to be a medical practitioner. I mean, one could lie! Or I could rack my brains to come up with a good enough reason to get special permission. But the payoff of knowing the answer to "could I pass the MCAT?" doesn't seem worth the effort.

Now, on why I don't want to be a medical practitioner, the proximate causes are: I don't want to do lab work, and I don't want to deal with patients.

The ultimate cause is: I recently had an insight that my entire personality, life history, interests, and skills follow from the fact that my brain is internally focused to a degree that is extremely unusual, and I keep my physical and social interactions with the world to the minimum necessary to keep my brain a happy place. Labs and patients are too physical and social respectively for me.

This is why CrowdMed is so great. Once I'm done writing this fic, I am going back to science in a serious way after a very long detour, and patient cases are great for providing focused puzzles to solve as opposed to a goal of "master this field," which always causes me to get lost and confused. I either need a teacher to guide me, or I need specific problems to tackle.
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