Date: 2017-01-24 12:27 am (UTC)
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From: [personal profile] likeadeuce
I am an advocate of the joy and wonder of quitting, with the happy bonus that whenever I manage to finish anything I feel pretty good about it.

I've taken the bar exam. It's not that excited.

I do feel this way about a Ph.D. , probably in history or some literary field that involves analyzing historical texts. Most people I know who have gotten a PhD were actively miserable much of the time, and only a few have gotten viable career paths out of it, but I do love the idea of taking the time to dive in and just become an expert in one thing.

I have also briefly wondered about medical school/ all the stuff you hear about residency, solely because it's hard, but I realized pretty quickly that even if I could get through it, I wouldn't want to practice medicine on any level, I'm too squeamish about bodily functions + I would get stressed out by the responsibility.

When I read Wild I briefly thought about doing a lengthy hike which is ridiculous because I'm not in shape for it and do not particularly enjoy even SHORT hikes, much less the discipline required for the kind of hiking she did. I think part of what's appealing is NOT having the option to quit.
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