Date: 2017-01-24 05:53 pm (UTC)
liv: A woman with a long plait drinks a cup of tea (teapot)
From: [personal profile] liv
I have completed a PhD, and that's probably the most difficult, endurance requiring thing I'll ever do. I wouldn't have done it just to prove I could do something difficult, though, I actually wanted to be a career academic and found the research interesting in its own right.

I'm pretty uninterested in feats of physical endurance. I hate pain, which sounds obvious, everybody hates pain, that's why we call it pain, but I find any kind of pain or discomfort really distressing. I've had nurses laugh at me for being a wimp, and I'm finding it hard to establish a baseline routine of regular, just keeping healthy exercise because I don't deal well with minor physically bad feelings.

The only completely ridiculous thing I've considered doing along those lines is a leg of a tall ships race. Partly because that's a situation where you just have to keep going no matter if how much you want to bail, because you're stuck there on a ship in the middle of the ocean. I like the idea of mastering the mechanical side of sailing, and the idea of being part of a team who would go through the misery and terror together.

If everything about my life were different and I had a magic wand, I have sometimes contemplated fostering severely disabled or severely traumatized children. I don't even have or want kids of my own, even imagining them to be "normal" levels of healthy and easy to look after. But doing something for a defined period of time that would be unimaginably hard but would actually make a real, tangible difference to another person's life, that does kind of appeal to me. (I watched a documentary when I was a kid about a couple who fostered dying children who had been abandoned by, or forcibly removed from, their parents, and I have since had this small thought way in the back of my mind.)
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