Date: 2017-01-30 01:45 am (UTC)
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From: [personal profile] kore
I think one thing that really gets me isn't so much the community shame or feeling like I had been stupid (altho I really cannot understand how arm guy didn't even bring A JACKET?) but that this one person, by not leaving a note or telling other people where he was going, potentially got a whole lot of other people, the SAR volunteers and the professional searchers and so on, who placed themselves in jeopardy to help him. Even though those people were trained and all experienced in rescues and had their own supplies and so on, they're still volunteering to go into a dangerous environment and risk their own personal safety. This is why it's not recklessness so much for me -- I think a searcher said around the time the arm guy movie came out, that if SAR is out there during the night looking for him in the canyons, he could step through a slot too and be fucked himself. And that's something the arm guy story really didn't emphasize, something that's not in a lot of these stories, I think, that depend on the really exceptionalized view of the one individual saving himself by means of whatever. But of course he didn't just save himself -- he kept his head and was able to make a terrible decision and do it well, but he ran into that tourist family and then the family was able to tell the rescuers where to look. Even when someone goes off into the wilderness, isolated, to do the individual test-their-mettle thing, they're still part of the web of society, and they're having an impact on other people they don't even know. The other people chose to be in SAR, of course, but I think that's what would bother me, knowing I had basically demanded that other people put themselves at risk when they didn't have to, if I'd done something like WEAR A JACKET.
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