Date: 2017-02-16 11:28 pm (UTC)
juushika: Photograph of a row of books on a library shelf. (Books Once More)
From: [personal profile] juushika
I love this book, maybe in part because I came to it familiar with the author and through Jo Walton's review, which focuses on that quieter tone and scale. I sympathize with Jimson's approach to his final year: he doesn't want to have a period of glory, really, and neither would I; he wants to be freed from the restrictions imposed on him, but his focus remains interpersonal and on his art. It's what I come to for Lynn, for a focus on the interpersonal that almost eclipses the larger plot and setting.

"Everyone is bi by default, also: free love" is Lynn's baseline (except when worldbuilding directly contradicts it, in which case how society regulates relationships vs. how people feel is a central theme), and I treasure it above all things. It's a specific sort of wish-fulfillment/idealization which fulfills a lot of my wishes, too.
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