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( Sep. 10th, 2010 11:14 am)
For everyone who's celebrating, Eid Mubarak!

Also, in case anyone was wondering, the Sekrit Career Issue of Doom was resolved in probably the best way possible given the circumstances. I'm just happy it's no longer hanging menacingly over my head.

Yesterday I went to the beach and cast bread crumbs upon the waters. (Italian-flavored, according to the carton.) A great many people on the beach for other reasons periodically wandered by and stared in perplexity at all the Jews singing in Hebrew and hurling the bread crumbs of sin into the ocean. Then we all sat down on towels and had a picnic supplied, in my case, by the local Japanese market.

A small storm had cast thousands and thousands of little live crustaceans in colorful closed shells on to the beach, most smaller than my little fingernail and some the size of the letters I type. I don't know how long they'll survive - many were well above the tide line - but under the water I could see them extending fans of translucent feelers to catch plankton. Or Italian-flavored breadcrumbs.
One of Jones’s earliest novels, it has a far simpler plot than most of hers: an unhappily blended family has hijinks with a magic chemistry set. I wouldn’t put it in her top ten or even top fifteen (maybe top twenty) novels, but I have re-read it several times and it reliably cracks me up. Rather unusually for Jones, it contains sympathetic parents, including, eventually, the eponymous ogre.

They came home from school to the not quite unexpected sight of six enormous toffee-bars undulating down the stairs toward them.

This sentence both sums up the novel and demonstrates Jones’s particular sense of humor and genius for creating inherently funny situations and then combining the perfect wording with the perfect image to put me, at least, on the floor. What makes this sentence so brilliant is the combination of the image, the resignation to the oncoming catastrophe implied in “not quite unexpected,” and the word “undulating.”

The Ogre Downstairs

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