rachelmanija: (Default)
( Jun. 19th, 2011 01:11 pm)
I have been having odd luck with French CDs. My first set turned out, despite being labeled as a beginning, learn in your car course, consisted of long French conversations followed by questions about them in English.

My second set is a normal learn in your car course, with words and phrases spoken in English and then translated into French. Just what I need. However, while the English speaker is a man with a rather flat inflection, the French speaker is a woman who says everything in the tone of horrified inquiry usually represented in print with the punctuation marks "?!"

I have been imagining what could possibly prompt such exclamations as "Madame?!" "Monsieur?!" and "Ou est il?!" I fill them in as I attempt to learn in my car.

"Madame?! Did I say something which implied that I wished you to fondle me there?!"

"Monsieur?! Are you the spy we have been searching for?!"

"The treasure we stole from the royal chambers! Where is it?!"

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