rachelmanija: (Default)
( May. 11th, 2012 11:21 am)
1. I have an interview for a traineeship next Friday! It's with US Vets. Cross your fingers that if I like it, I get it. It's certainly well in line with my general interests, looks likely to combine counseling with active case management (which I'm in favor of), and is relatively near where I live. The latter, I suspect, is a much bigger factor than many people realize. If you're extremely pressed for time already, you don't want to have two hours of your day taken up by commuting.

2. Wonder Woman and the Space Crocs of Nikszkelion. Charming short Wonder Woman comic combining a playful pulp sensibility (Wonder Woman rides an otter) with some quite beautiful art. By [personal profile] vom_marlowe!

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