Next weekend I am attending Sirens, a convention on women in fantasy. The theme this year is "Tales Retold." It culminates in a fancy dress ball, for which I would like to be appropriately attired.

I would like some ideas for a costume. Here are the criteria:

1. Must be fancy, pretty, striking, or otherwise nice to look at.

2. Must be a character from (ideally) myth, legend, folklore, or fairytale. Alternately, a character from fantasy literature would be OK.

3. Must be something I can put together from my existing wardrobe plus makeup and maybe a simple prop or accessory. Assume that I have a fairly extensive wardrobe, including some goth/Ren Faire/punk/leather items. So suggestions like, "If you have a black dress/a corset/black boots/a white skirt/etc" are fine. What I don't have: specialized props or costume items. So nothing that would require wings, armor, weapons (not allowed anyway), wigs, etc.

If you click the tag, you can see what I look like. My hair is currently dark brown, shoulder-length, and curly.

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