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( Jan. 25th, 2017 11:02 am)
It's been great to see the increased posting and discussion around here. I'd like to call your attention to a cool new DW by someone who missed the friending meme, but who I think a lot of you would enjoy following. (I asked her, it's OK.)

You may know [personal profile] iknowcommawrite as Scioscribe. She is a very cool person who likes books, music, writing, noir, Hamilton, Stephen King, and many other good things. Last Yuletide she not only made me very happy by writing TWO amazing Stephen King treat stories for me, Bird and Bear and Hare and Fish from The Dark Tower and Works of Mercy from The Stand, she amazed everyone at reveals when it turned out that she had written fourteen stories total.

Previously I knew her as the writer of another amazing Dark Tower story with a perfect closing line, appalling strangeness (i have not forgotten your face), and as a writer of excellent, often metafictional or surreal Hamilton stories, of which Notes Concerning Certain Performances of Hamilton is a good introduction. The latter is short, has a very original concept very well-excuted, and is best read without spoilers. If you like it, I'm also very taken with another metafictional Hamilton story also best left unspoiled due to its unusual working out of the idea of "Who tells your story?" The Source of Distant Rivers, the Sound of Distant Guns.

Her inaugural entry (other than fic challenge letters) happens to be about Laura's Wolf (Werewolf Marines), which I wrote under the pen name of Lia Silver. (For those new to my blog: I write professionally as Rachel Manija Brown, Lia Silver, and Rebecca Tregaron; ask about them if you're curious!) Don't worry about talking about Laura's Wolf in comments there if you feel so moved; I don't watch or comment to reviews of things I wrote unless specifically invited, normally I wouldn't mention a review at all, and I am ducking out right now.

But before I and you go, I want to once again thank both her and [personal profile] musesfool, who wrote me with our way lit only by stars, a lovely Earthsea story, for making last Yuletide such a happy one for me. They both wrote me stories that I have read and re-read, which are not only good as stories and good as fanfic, but were specifically tailored to me and my requests. It was wonderful for me as a reader and fan, and moving to me as a human being.

I'd had a really terrible year in which a lot of the awfulness involved people not caring about me and refusing to help me (authority figures with power over me whose help I needed) so having both a surprise!friend and someone who at that time I know only from her work choose to devote their time and effort and skill just to make me happy was hugely meaningful to me. Thanks again. ;)

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