Date: 2017-05-02 01:49 am (UTC)
radiotelescope: Crude sketch of a radio telescope pointing up (Default)
I have finished binge-watching this, and this post isn't too old...

A delightful show. I am most delighted that it is *legitimately* a debate about ethics and moral philosophy.

My initial reaction was that they can't possibly carry off a second season, but of course they can -- they just have to do something completely different. And the show has demonstrated that it can do different things each episode. It is not a sitcom in the strict sense of static characters responding to the situation-of-the-week. No reset button.

(Of course, as soon as I say that, I realize that there *is* a blatant reset button at the *season-by-season* level. So is it a sitcom after all? Ha, I run rings around myself logically...)

Anyhow, we still have an unresolved tension between consequentialism and, er, whatever the term is for "corrupt intentions count against you". (Chidi probably told us in one of those scenes, but I have forgotten it!) And the unresolved question of what Michael could learn, and whether "the boss" has unrevealed motives. So there's room for a second season; we just have to hope it holds up.

> Michael kicks a dog - the most cliched way of demonstrating that a character is evil – but we don’t register it because he instantly explains that it’s not a real dog.

There's also some lovely pacing to it. Michael kicks the puppy early on, when his character is more of an affable alien; we have not yet seen him struggle with the group's problems. By the end, we have (we think!) a clearer picture of Michael as more human, compassionate, "part of the team". It's easy to dismiss the dog thing as a mistake or aberration or maybe something he's grown away from.

Finally: I want a full-size poster of Michael's original Neighborhood blueprint to hang next to my full-size poster of the Time Bandits Map of Time.

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