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Today at the Farmer's Market

Those are some ridiculously pretty beets.
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Delicious and aesthetically pleasing!

Does schizophrenic guy on the way back from the Farmers' Market know you're doing better these days? I just always remember him and his story about the dog.
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Oh, yum! I'm very jealous of your California farmer's market – you get so much more stuff than grows up here in NY, and you get it so much earlier in the year. We're still mostly in the winter dregs of potatoes and apples. Though it is ramp season! Do you get ramps there? They're my favorite vegetable discovery of the last few years.
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They look like this. They're great! The bulb tastes like a cross between garlic and spring onions, and the leaves remind me of spinach. I like to saute it all together, both parts, and eat it on top of pasta.

We only get them for a few weeks in the spring, and they sell out quickly; commercial production hasn't really taken off for them yet, and most of what we see in the local markets is still wild foraged.

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