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Penric's Fox, by Lois McMaster Bujold

This is the fifth novella written in the Penric series, but is chronologically # 3 - it takes place after Penric and the Shaman and before Penric's Mission. I was glad to see Bujold go back in time to a less-experienced Penric and Desdemona, and it was a very enjoyable entry in a very enjoyable series. In this story, Penric, Inglis, and Oswyl investigate a murder which involves a demon; both shamans and sorcerers get involved.

Bujold's magic systems continue to be cool, and if you like seeing magic treated with an analytical, scientific approach, this is the series for you. Unusually, it balances that with a type of magic which is more numinous and magical-feeling, which is the Gods themselves. This is one of my very favorite series for benevolent fictional Gods - I love the visits by the Gods, which are consistently long enough to be satisfying and brief/occasional enough to carry weight and not overstay their welcome.

Penric's Fox: Penric and Desdemona Book 3
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I really want to read that one! At some point I need to figure out how to turn mobi into epub.
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If you have the ability to get rid of drm, then Calibre has built in plugins to turn all those file formats into .epub ^^. It's how I keep my good old Sony eReader fed.

Awesome series, by the way :D
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I need to install Calibre on this computer. I had the DRM thing worked out previously. I had been following the series on audiobook, but they're a considerable release delay behind the ebooks.
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The place to check for plugins for un-drming is apprenticealf.wordpress.com - Latest release is from June 27th of this year. I usually just put in the plugins into Calibre and since I buy my Kindle books, and have all the info, Calibre has taken them apart so far, however I had to go back to an older Kindle for PC version.

If you check it out I'm sure they'll explain what is useful in your particular situation.
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As I said, I had that on my last computer. And I probably could figure out how to get the mobi to crack it, but at some point the thing where I have to install a program that I use for one thing, install a script for that one thing, figure out how to navigate Amazon which I don't otherwise use, and get them all to run together is more effort than I have interest in a single novella.

I asked the author if she'd publish an epub version, and the answer was no.
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Fair enough ^^ - in my case a lot of indie authors I like to read only publish on Amazon, so I've long ago resigned myself to having to deal with this.
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My enjoyment of this series is odd only in that I've completely bounced off of Vorkosigan whenever I've tried reading any of it.

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I've liked the other Five Gods books, actually, especially Chalion and Paladin of Souls. I love the fact that the protagonists are older folks, and also the magic system (for the reasons you've noted).

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Have you tried the non-Miles books? It might be that your are allergic to him. I see some similarities with Penric -- he gets focused on a problem to the point of tunnel vision, he's smart, he's self-aware enough to laugh at himself, but Penric has Desdemonia to keep him grounded, while Miles lacks any kind of off-switch.