For those who don't know, Trick or Treat is a fun, low-pressure fic and art fest - the minimum is only 300 words! Treating is encouraged. Signups are open now. You can see the tagset of available fandoms here.

Treats (and tricks) in unrequested but known-to-be-favorite fandoms/characters of mine are always welcome!

My god, this is long. Sorry!

My fandoms are The Darkangel, The Dark Tower (book), The Girl With the Silver Eyes, Hamilton, Ladyhawke, The Magnificent Seven (2016), Marvel 616 (aka X-Men comics), Saiyuki, The Stand, and The Windsingers.

Prompts below cut.

The Darkangel

Characters: Aeriel, Erin.

I love, love, love the atmosphere and worldbuilding of this book. It's pure magic. The second book was my favorite. It was like a beautiful, eerie, fantastical dream you never want to wake up from. Please give me something will a similar atmosphere, either a canon AU or an untold adventure or a post-canon fixit (either changing events or just making the characters be happier about them) and I will be over the moon.

Ships: Gen or Aeriel/Erin, please.

DNW: I didn't like the third book. I would have been fine with the events if the characters had been fine with them, but they seemed miserable. If you want to do anything post-canon, please make it not depressing - like, Aeriel should be happy to be immortal with Erin, and Erin shouldn't feel like second-best.

Art: Riding one of the steeds would be amazing, or Aerial and Erin sharing an apricok or crossing the sea of dust, or Aeriel with her dustshrimp or wielding her staff. Or anything else that inspires you! Please no X-rated scenes (sexy at a no-genitals showing level is fine.)

The Dark Tower - Stephen King

Characters: Roland Deschain, Eddie Dean, Susannah Dean, Jake Chambers, Susan Delgado, Rosalita Munoz, The Man In Black, Gabrielle Deschain.

I love this series for the worldbuilding, the atmosphere, the emotion, and most of all, for the characters.

I love all the nominated characters and would be happy with any combination of them, or a story focusing on just one. I love the ka-tet. I love the Sisters of Oriza. I love the creepy intensity of eternal chase of the gunslinger vs. the man in black. I love Susan Delgado, and think Gabrielle Deschain got a raw deal. For them, maybe a glimpse at how things could have gone differently, even if it still ends badly?

This series has five things that never happened, fix-its, and canon AUs built into its very structure. I love all of those things, and especially for this canon. I love hurt/comfort and that is also a natural for this canon.

Ships: I like gen. I also like the canon ships (Susannah/Eddie, Roland/Susan, Roland/Rosalita. I also like Roland/Susannah/Eddie and dark and twisted Roland/Man in Black.

DNW: Jake/anyone, incest. Darkness is fine for this fandom, but please don't do anything worse to them than happens in canon. Also, please don't get too gross - no detailed descriptions of any gross bodily fluids or sticky stuff, goddammit Stephen King. Blood, sweat, and tears are fine.

Art: This is such a spectacularly visual series: the Tower, the rose, the gunslinger chasing the man in black across the vast desert, the doors, the sandalwood guns, the lobstrosities, Shardik, Andy. I love western imagery. I love Tarot cards. I'd love to see Susannah in her wheelchair firing her guns, Eddie carving something, Roland in a showdown or resting his weary feet at a campfire, Jake with the rose, Rosalita throwing the plates, or any of them interacting, or any scene from the book illustrated. Or anything else that inspires you!

If you don't want to show any of the characters, any bit of the world would also be 100% welcome. Please no X-rated scenes (sexy at a no-genitals showing level is fine.)

If you want to know more, I requested this for Yuletide once (and got a fantastic story, which only whetted my appetite for more) and those prompts and comments still hold.

The Girl with the Silver Eyes (Willo Davis Roberts)

Characters: Katie, Eric, Kerri, Dale.

I got a wonderful Yuletide story for this once and it only whetted my appetite for more.

I love the psychic kids and would be delighted with post-book hijinks or adventures, or a canon AU where they connect with each other but stay secret from the wider world, or the backstory of one of the kids other than Katie. Maybe something with cats? Or something with reading, maybe life not being like fiction, or perhaps surprisingly conforming to fictional expectations.

I love the psychic kids and would be delighted with post-book hijinks or adventures, or a canon AU where they connect with each other but stay secret from the wider world, or the backstory of one of the kids other than Katie. Maybe something with cats? Or something with reading, maybe life not being like fiction, or perhaps surprisingly conforming to fictional expectations.

DNW: Nothing tragic or depressing, please. I checked trick in the sense of supernatural or spooky - can you imagine them pranking everyone with the powers on Hallowe'en (and maybe getting counter-pranked)? Would be hilarious.

I don't want them aged up too much - early teens would be fine, but no more than that. Them being kids is part of their charm. So gen only for this one, please.

Art: Katie conversing with Lobo. Kids levitating stuff. A psychic kid sleepover. Katie happily reading with a cat. Or anything you like!

Hamilton (Miranda)

Characters: Alexander Hamilton, Aaron Burr.

I love these two and their dysfunctional yet essential relationship:

Hamilton: Knock-knock! Hey, it's 3:00 AM. Wanna help me write the Federalist Papers?

Burr: GOOD NIGHT. [slams door]

I ship them but you don't have to. ;)

If you read Aaron Burr's diaries and want to try to square that or mash it up with his canon (I mean, theatre canon) characterization, that would be amazing and hilarious.

I'd prefer an anachronistic style a la canon to straight historical. Canon AU, 5 Things, cool non-modern AUs like pirates, steampunk, space opera, etc, absolutely welcome! Metafiction welcome! Slash, hurt/comfort, character studies welcome! Tragic or intense or bittersweet welcome! In-character porn welcome!Ghosts welcome! Daemons, psychic wolves, jaegers, or other fusion elements welcome!

DNW: Modern AU (college, coffeeshop, etc).

I am a bit obsessed with this canon so I have a bunch of tags for it if that helps.

Art: ANYTHING. I love the original Broadway cast, but if you want to do your own interpretation or use different cast members, feel free. (Not looking for the historical characters, though.) I love all men in uniform or revolutionary tropes, Hamilton leading a charge, Hamilton writing, Hamilton trying vainly to get Burr's attention, a shared moment of sexiness or camaraderie, writing on the body.


Characters: Philippe Gaston, Etienne Navarre, Isabeau.

I recently re-watched the movie and still loved it. I love these three. It's such a sweet, well-written, sexy movie. I was suuuuuper into the angst of the premise, so, you know. Feel free. Also loved Navarre's competence with a crossbow, Isabeau's matter-of-fact attitude, and the way Philippe just rolled with everything (and seemed a bit in love with both of them. So, would love anything at all - post-movie, missing scene, pre-movie, or AU in spaaaace!

Ships: Threesome, or Navarre/Isabeau.

DNW: Depressing endings. Mundane AUs.

Art: YES PLEASE. Navarre and Isabeau are SO HOT. Hurt/comfort? Navarre with the hawk? Isabeau with the wolf? Philippe dancing with one or both of them? Navarre with crossbow?

Magnificent Seven (2016)

Characters: Emma, Vasquez, Faraday, Red Harvest, Sam Chisholm, Goodnight Robicheaux, Billy Rocks.

I really enjoyed this movie and the characters in it. I liked how all of them had different skill-sets, how they discovered each other's, and taught and learned from and came to respect each other. Also, I loved all the fight scenes and the scenes where they work together to fleece the rubes. Anything along those lines would be fun. Feel free to AU the hell out of the ending. Hurt-comfort for anyone would be great.

An AU that's still western but adds AU elements without losing the western-ness would be cool if you felt like adding magic or powers or steampunk mecha or dragons or some such. (No non-western AUs please.)

Ships: I really, really ship Billy/Goodnight and wouldn't want to see either paired with anyone else. I loved how unabashedly married they were and how smoothly they worked together and how intimate they were, while also being unabashedly fucked-up killers.

For other characters, I'm partial to Faraday/Vasquez and Sam/Emma but am basically multi-shippy, s feel free to sell me on any ship you like.

DNWs: If possible, no requested character death. If you do a post-movie story that doesn't AU the ending, that's okay, but please don't dwell on grief and death. A little sorrow or bittersweetness is fine, a whole story focusing on death is not. Also, please don't do a partial AU where one of a pairing survives and one doesn't. Either they both live or neither does.

No modern AUs.

Art: I thought everyone was super-hot and great to look at, and would enjoy anything showing that off, whether it's shippy or not. In terms of visuals, I especially liked Billy's knives and martial arts moves and hair, Sam's hat and archetypal gunslinger look and poses, and Red Harvest's body and paint and bow. If you wanted to do me a pinup of just one character, Billy please. ;)

X-Men (Marvel 616)

Characters: Rachel Summers, Storm, Yukio, Kitty Pryde, Callisto, Spiral, Illyana Rasputin.

I LOVE these characters. They're so badass, angsty, vulnerable, playful, sexy - the range of emotions, character types and archetypes, and relationships is so fantastic.

I am a fan of Claremont-era, so if you're a fan of another era, please just make it comprehensible to someone who isn't in terms of referencing canon events. I've read that era of X-Men, New Mutants, early Excalibur, and Magik and Kitty & Wolverine miniseries. I like all the characters of that era, including ones not nominated, and would be happy to see appearances by any of them. I have not read the Longshot mini but am vaguely familiar with the Rita Wayword backstory for Spiral.

Ships: I am hugely into X-Men femslash and would love any combination of the characters mentioned except for overage/underage pairings. I am 100% serious on this, all combinations are great. So if you want to do Storm/Kitty (for instance), please just have Kitty be 18 rather than 14. (BTW I like that ship.)

Other favorite ships: Storm/Yukio, Storm/Callisto, Rachel/Illyana, Illyana/Kitty Pryde, Illyana/Rachel Summers. I also love all these just as interesting relationships in a gen sense.

Would love dark-and-twisted femslash (dubcon or noncon OK, plain old hatesex also delicious) with Spiral (Rita Wayword) and anyone 18+. She had a delightfully creepery vibe with a number of the female characters, IMO. I think probably the most with Rogue and Dazzler - remember the mask with the dagger stabbed into it? - (they're not in the tagset but feel free to include them if you like) but also Rachel Summers. Honestly I would believe her creeping on anyone.

Please be as kinky as you like, if you like that sort of thing, with the exception of DNWs below. I enjoyed the canon bondage and random BDSM outfits and villains dressing heroes in random BDSM outfits. Just FYI. I wasn't into the tentacle arms particularly, but if you were, I feel confident that you could sell me on them!

I would also love get adventures, day in the life, friendship, mentoring, hijinks, etc.

DNW: Dubcon/noncon with anyone but Spiral. Underage/overage pairings. Explicit sex with anyone under 18. Scat, watersports, de-aging, ageplay.

If you want to know more, I requested several of these characters for Femslashex once and those prompts and comments still hold

Art: ANYTHING. In or out of costume, quietly chilling at home (the idea of Spiral relaxing in front of a TV set with a bag of potato chips and a remote control and a backscratcher and a beer (etc) in her hands and hands and hands is absolutely hilarious to me), captured in bondage, fighting, kissing, playing with a pet (I love Lockheed), trying on clothes or new costumes, in spaaaace!, on vacation, an AU within the world like Kitty's fairytale where Nightcrawler is a swashbuckler and there's BAMF creatures, AU where they're dragon riders or or test pilots or in a high fantasy world or in period clothing of any kind (flapper dresses! corsets! knights in armor!), Limbo-verse dark versions of the characters, poignant or funny old snapshots, Tarot cards...


Characters: Gojyo, Hakkai, Sanzo, Goku.

This is an old and dear fandom of mine. Click on tags if you want to know more. I'm only caught up to the manga published in English and Gaiden, but will have watched the anime Reload Blast by the time the collection opens.

I love these characters SO MUCH. Anything with them would be great. Hurt/comfort, tender moments, backseat driving, hair petting, a day in the life, an adventure, angst in the rain - it's all great.

Ships: Gojyo/Hakkai is my main one. Sanzo/Hakkai would be interesting. I don't ship Sanzo/Goku romantically, sorry.

DNWs: No current-day character deaths; references or flashbacks to earlier incarnations or Gaiden deaths are fine. No depressing endings. Bittersweet is fine.

Art: See fic prompts. ;) Also, I love Hakkai's youkai form. It definitely lends itself to bondage, crucifixion imagery, and thorns. Or maybe just a tendril giving a tender caress...

The Stand

Characters: Nadine Cross, Larry Underwood, Stu Redman, Sue Stern, Jenny Engstrom, Dayna Jurgens.

I love this book for its haunting vision of travel across an empty America, its small community on the edge of destruction, and its characters. I love all the characters, really, and it was incredibly hard to pick just six. So if you have other favorites not nominated, please feel free to put them in. I would also be interested in a story with none of the nominated characters that's just set in the world with OCs.

I like hurt/comfort, "day in the life," backstory that reflects upon later events, 5 Things, canon AUs, and untold adventures.

Ships: So, I have my pet Dayna/Jenny ship-of-one, which I once got AWESOME fic for that only made me even more into it. If you also like that ship, please go for it.

I also wonder what would have happened if Nadine had decided to defy Flagg's virginity command... with another woman. Flagg thought only penis-in-vagina sex counted as sex, but, well, he was the Devil. Maybe Nadine's sex with Harold didn't count not because of technicalities, but because she was faithful to Flagg in her heart - enough to obey his technicality-based rule. Or maybe Flagg was serious about the PIV (because of babies? because the Devil has crappy sexist rules); what would happen if Nadine thought she was disobeying him, and he thought he still had a claim on her? Or some other variation! If you like the general idea of Nadine FF, please feel free to use literally any character, including one not nominated, or an OC.

Otherwise, I am a multishipper in this fandom so if you see a ship you like among these characters, please go for that! I also like gen.

DNW: Incest. Darkness is fine for this fandom, but please don't do anything worse to them than happens in canon. Also, please don't get too gross - no detailed descriptions of any gross bodily fluids or sticky stuff, goddammit Stephen King. Blood, sweat, and tears are fine. I don't like the rape backstory for Dayna and Sue in the expanded edition; please don't reference it.

Art: I'd just be really curious to see any of the characters visualized. Or a look at post-flu America. Some of the images that haunt me are the corn field, the crows, small figures in a vast landscape, the highways clogged with cars, Stu in the lab, Larry playing his guitar with no one to hear him, the crucifixes in Vegas, Dayna and Jenny fixing the lights in Vegas, Nadine with the ouija board, and Nadine's white-streaked hair. Please no X-rated scenes (sexy at a no-genitals showing level is fine.)

If you want to know more, I requested this for Yuletide once and those prompts and comments still hold

The Windsingers (Megan Lindholm)

Ki, Vandien.

I got a wonderful Yuletide story for this once and it only whetted my appetite for more.

I adore this sadly obscure series. My favorite books are the first and last. The climax of Luck of the Wheels is one of my favorite climaxes of any story ever – the emotion, the dark humor, the way that everyone behaving in character creates a completely unexpected yet satisfying outcome. I love the strange creatures of the world, and how they seem more like science fiction aliens than fantasy beings. But most of all, I love Ki and Vandien and their relationship, and how it’s solidly built on friendship and camaraderie.

I would like a story about Ki and Vandien. Feel free to set it at any time in their relationship, from right after they first get back together in Harpy’s Flight, to after the end of Wheels. There’s a number of important points in their relationship that happen off-page, like when they first have sex, when they first get serious, etc, that would be fun to explore. Or you could pick up on any of the dropped story threads: do they ever meet Janie again? Or the Harpies? Or the Brurjans? (I love the Brurjans.) Does Ki ever learn more about the mysterious aspects of her past? Does she ever meet Vandien’s horrible family and give them hell?

I’m not big on Goat, I found the wizards a bit dull, and The Limbreth Gate was my least-favorite of the books due to Ki being brainwashed for half of it. That aside, I would love any story in which Ki and Vandien interact and have a bit of adventure. Also, this is an excellent fandom for hurt-comfort. Just saying.

Art: Such a cool visual canon! Vandien telling a story with string, drinking from round-bottomed glasses in a tray of sand, Vandien fencing, Ki with her team or fixing up her wagon or at a campfire, beneath the silver Sisters, hurt/comfort, Vandien struggling with the skeel, any of the weird alienish creatures.
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From: [personal profile] lydamorehouse

I was just thinking about Yuletide. I hadn't heard about this! Another place for me to potentially be a pinch hitter (my FAVORITE job in Yuletide.) Okay, now I have to go read the fandoms and see if I want to sign-up for this!
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From: [personal profile] teenybuffalo

It's nice seeing someone else appreciate or even remember the Darkangel books. That was my first time having my heart broken in a bad way by a series ending. Irrylath deserves to not be horribly sad forever, Aeriel deserves ditto, Erin deserves ditto AND to not be treated like an "I guess you'll do" option.

I was once in a high school production of an... unevenly written... play called Dark of the Moon, which, SPOILERS, involved the heroine dying at the end. For no reason that is ever justified in-story. Her boyfriend just tells her, "Someone's got to die when the tale ends sad," and then she does. It was the most ham-handed attempt to... not even manipulate us, the audience, but just shove our heads in a bucket full of sadness. I remember thinking even at the time, "Give me a break." The Darkangel books elicited that reaction from me as well.

What a waste of a cool story. Interesting women characters in all directions, complicated conflict, yucky horror, and folktale magic which has just enough pseudoscience to be delightful.

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