Date: 2006-01-16 08:27 pm (UTC)
I'm glad that the food was good. A few years back, my inlaws were visiting around the time of my birthday. Since I love Italian food, we went to the Olive Garden, because I really like their soup. Well, the waiter forgot to send our order to the kitchen, so we were waiting and waiting and waiting some more. My mother-in-law gave the waiter a set down (she didn't actually get up to seek out the manager), and the manager at one point came to us. It was horribly embarrassing, mostly because I hate scenes like that.

That was more than 4 years ago, and I still haven't been back to the Olive Garden since. Sometimes my mother-in-law laughs about it, but I totally blame her for ruining my Italian sausage soup experience, (especially since they have all you can eat soup).
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