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I would mark Sanzo as the answer to all questions, except I only had a radio button and no ticky boxes =(.

I'm totally craving Sun Chips and hummus right now, not so extraordinary. But I like Sun Chips because they're made with whole grains and have this lovely, nutty, sweet hint to the graininess, and the hummus is of course wonderful because it's chickpeas and tahini and lemon and lots of garlic. Mmmmm. And it's just chunky enough to have texture and lemon-y and garlic-y and cumin-y enough for bite, and I adore the underlying sesame taste of the tahini. And I love how they go with the chips. The only sad thing is that they don't make unsalted Sun Chips yet, because they put on a little too much salt for me. But yes. Mmmm.

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Sun Chips rule. I hadn't thought to try them with hummus. I must try that some day.

On Friday, [livejournal.com profile] gened came over to watch season finales of SciFi Friday with me. We got dinner and then went to a supermarket to get some snacks. We were going to get cheese and crackers, but all the cheese smelled of dirty socks, which seemed quite wrong, so we decided to go for chips instead.

Initially we were going to get baked potato chips/crisps and French onion dip, and then decided French onion flavored Sun Chips were easier. Yum! (And we also got sugar water grapefruit juice from concentrated flavored with sugar water grape juice.)

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