In my poll from yesterday, the votes for the showdown are favoring The Circuit Rider over the Gay Mutant Black Ops, but it's a close thing.

In a different question, Sanzo is running neck to neck with a grilled cheese sandwich.

Meanwhile, I have a note to my subconscious: enough with the anxiety dreams! In the last few weeks, I have dreamed about oversleeping or spacing out and missing a flight, a class, and an appointment; having a friend stab me in the back (not literally); being diagnosed with a fatal illness; being run through with a sword; and having my book sell very poorly.

Last night, I dreamed that a very good friend of mine turned evil and did horrible things to me, which caused me to drink heavily, so I showed up for a magazine interview drunk out of my mind and was totally incoherent, and they printed everything I said verbatim. And then I forgot to give my pet rats water and they seemed to die of thirst, although after I spent several hours of dream-time devastated with sorrow and remorse, it occurred to me to try dripping water into their mouths and they revived. But still.

O my subconscious, I get it. I worry that I will "miss the boat." I worry that I am neglecting responsibilities and bad things will happen. I worry about my own mortality and that of others. I worry that my relationships won't work out. I worry about my career and making an ass of myself in public. I am an anxious and overworked person and I should relax more. I accept all of these messages.

But enough already! Now send me a dream about Sanzo. Or at least a grilled cheese sandwich.

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choices, choices

In a different question, Sanzo is running neck to neck with a grilled cheese sandwich.

Now I know how Goku feels. ^_^;;
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::files in memories tagged In Which Rachel Shows She Still Has Comic Timing::


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I say when you dream about a bad thing, you satisfy the universe's wish to toy with you, ensuring that that bad thing will never really happen. This is my theory. At least it would mean that you could wake up with a sense of accomplishment.

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Hey, speaking of neglecting responsibilities, I still owe you Dr. Who on data disc. I just wanted to let you know that, as much as it probably seems like I'm just being a flake, my DVD drive broke around the time I got the book from you. I've gone through a lot of crap to get it fixed, but it finally just got back to me two days ago, so I can finally burn the stuff. Ya gotta believe me! ;) So anyway, sorry it's taken so long and that I didn't say anything before; they really should be coming soon now.

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Thanks for letting me know. I did wonder about that recently, but I have so much accumulated TV on disc that I haven't had time to watch yet that I decided not to pester you about it till I'd made more of a dent in what I already have.

By "data disc" you mean "files on CD that will play on my laptop, right?"

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Oh good, at least I'm not keeping you from entertainment. :)

And yes, that's exactly it.

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