So, is there any good fic out there? That isn't incestuous or underage-y or otherwise scary? Preferably gen since I feel rather un-pairing-y about the series, except for the one I like that would be spoilery to mention but is probably not popular anyway, being het.

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I have some in the lj-memories of my fic journal (here), though they're not purely gen. I don't really get most of the pairings, slash or het, but I don't mind them being there (especially when they're not foregrounded) if the rest of the fic is good.

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Also, I think the one you like is actually a fairly popular het pairing; there's a community for it that has one of those abominable portmanteau names. But most of fic I've seen for it is sappy rather than interesting.
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I have a small Naruto section on my recs page. I can't speak for how closely any of it adheres to canon because I haven't yet seen the anime or read the manga (I do plan at least to read the manga. I just haven't gotten to it yet).

I *think* the ones that are hugely pairing centric will be obvious from what I've said about them.

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Um, every single thing I read in the fandom is OT3. Just kind of varies which one-- I've got some hilarious and sweet Ino/Shika/Chou and some very good Naruto/Sakura/Sasuke. So I can give you links if you want them, but I thought I should check first.

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Oh, sure, if they're good. Those are at least not pairings that actually squick me.

PS. I think I have that doujinshi! Are they all awkward and blushing and adorable?

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My favorite little ficlet was a small piece by, I think, [ profile] pellaz, which was Jiraiya musing about Naruto as he slept. But I can't find it, phooey - if it was [ profile] pellaz, she's not put it in her memories (although she's got her Naruto fic in her memories, and the two I got distracted by while looking for the other were good. :D

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I've been a big fan of [ profile] maldoror_gw for a while now. She's done a couple of really long, incredibly hot Gundam Wing fics (Wufei-centric, and fascinating), and lately just finished a Gaara/Lee fic, and is starting on a sequel. Not het, not gen, but she does a great job with characters for the most part, and there are some stellar Sand sibling moments, especially later in Diplomatic Relations (the whole "siblings find out" sequence is hilarious and wonderful. :-)).

I haven't read much else in the Naruto world, except for one great post-series Naruto/Sasuke series that has unfortunately apparently disappeared from the web. Alas.

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