ZOMG eleventy-one!!!!! Ack, how will I ever survive six Hiro-less weeks?

Wow, so much awesome.

Loved the marvelous return of Ando, having figured out that sooner or later Hiro would set off an alarm. I was really worried that Hiro would arrive alone when he teleported, then relieved that Ando was there, then thrilled that they are in the future together! With the sword!

Mrs. Bennet continues to be quietly, unexpectedly, and yet in-character-ly heroic. It's so sad that Mr. Bennet didn't trust her from the start.

I was delighted at the return of Grandma Petrelli, having been annoyed for some time that all the movers and shakers were male. Now they're not! I wonder if the older, powerful, behind-the-scenes generation-- Grandma Petrelli, Mr. Linderman, Papa Nakamura-- also have powers, which we just haven't seen them use yet because they are very, very cautious. After all, two of the three have children with powers. Which makes me wonder... Does Mr. Linderman have children we don't know about? And also, does Hiro's sister have powers, perhaps as yet unawakened?

Mr. Linderman was the only disappointment of the episode: totally uninteresting. I am also meh on the bitchy illusionist, though the show has certainly got precedent for deepening one-note characters.

Mohinder rocked tonight, despite his predictably dubious scientific pronouncements-- curare paralyzes the brain?! I love his chemistry with Sylar, and I would happily watch the two of them sweating and bleeding and alternately tying each other up for interrogation every week. It was great to see Mohinder in control, getting angry, and being aggressive. Alas that he ended up a gender and hair-color reversed image of Supernatural's flaming ceiling blondes. However, I do not expect that either he or Peter is dead, though I guess now we know how Peter got his scar (and lost his emo bangs.) If anyone's going to die, I think it will be Isaac.

In conclusion, I am happy that the writers brought back the issue of Mohinder's sister Shanti. I have been curious about that all along. I hope she turns up alive at some point.

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