My final Yuletide story (others are described in separate posts below) was a very last-minute "stocking stuffer," The Rose of Naamah, for Jacqueline Carey's Kushiel series.

WARNING: Contains graphic sex and extreme masochism. (No more extreme than in the books, though.)

The story doesn’t spoil anything in the books. In a world where prostitution can be something of a holy calling, Phedre is touched by the Gods: she is an anguisette, a kind of super-masochist. She and Alcuin are both wards of Delaunay, and are in their late teens when the story takes place; Melisande is a sadist whom Phedre has a massive crush on. That’s all you need to know to read the story.

It was written for [ profile] deifire, who asked for Phedre and Melisande, and said that she was tempted to request "as smutty as possible"-- a very reasonable suggestion given the content of the books, by the way.

Mild spoilers for the story itself below the cut.

I wrote this in about six hours, including re-reading scenes of parties and sex from the first book. (That would be about a fourth of the total book, by the way.) Carey’s style is very distinct and easy to imitate. My biggest difficulty (similar to my problem with the Westmark story) was thinking of a type of sex scene that didn’t already appear in the books. I actually went through Wikipedia’s entry on BDSM for ideas. I briefly toyed with the idea of Phedre the ponygirl, but decided that I was not a good enough writer to make that not be hilarious.

I finally settled on forced public masturbation. Once I got that idea, the rest just happened: when Melisande showed up in leather gloves, I immediately knew what Phedre was thinking about regarding her nails.

Due to the time constraits, I uploaded it without a beta, and promptly noticed several horrible typos, and also that Phedre had apparently gone commando beneath her ballgown— an occurrence which struck me as unlikely unless she’d planned an assignation, which she had not. Luckily [ profile] elynross very kindly made some corrections for me.

If I’d had more time, I would have added a bit more plot, but all things considered, I think the story came out fairly well. If nothing else, it satisfied the request for “as smutty as possible.”

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of course, now i'm absolutely kicking myself for giving KUSHIEL to a teenager one time without having read it.


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On the other hand, the teenager may very well be thanking you and praising your name to this day.
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Ha. I'm remembering back when I was in seventh grade and my science teacher gave me the Clan of the Cave Bear books. I was rather innocent and inexperienced at the time, so I was... shocked isn't the right word. Startled. I was startled when I got to the second one. I don't know what my expression looked like when I returned it (possibly somewhere along the lines of "You're my teacher. How could you DO this to me?") but she just said, "not as good as the first one, was it?"

So I guess it depends on the teenager. ::g::

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All pony-anybody is inherently hilarious, regardless of writing quality. This was a much better choice. I liked it a lot when I read it the other day, mostly for the very true-feeling power relations. More plot would have been welcome, but it's a heck of a story for six hours' work.

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So, I just want you to know I misread that (while skimming the flist) as "WARNING: Contains graphic sex and extreme modernism".

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