It's pre-Revolution France. A cult of evil poets are sacrificing female virgins because when they write poems in their blood, they become possessed and turn into monstrous dragons! Who you gonna call?

The Sphynx, dead sister and sometimes possessor of her brother, the Chevalier d'Eon. She is a busty blonde who wields the sword of Thor and says things like, "I shall destroy the poet of the evil psalms who feasts at the table of blood and gore!"

When not possessed, the Chevalier holds lengthy and erudite conversations over the possible meanings of the words psalms, palms, and palmss-- all of which appear repeatedly in the manga, written in blood or magically appearing mirror-reversed ("Like a printing press!" someone exclaims helpfully) on the body of a girl who can thereafter only speak anagrams of the word "palmss."

I swear I'm not making this up. The effect is only enhanced by the careful research and learned footnotes at the back explaining the historical Chevalier d'Eon (transsexual swordighter and spy) and the association of pilgrims with palm leaves. And also psalms. Probably palmss too. Possibly Gollum could explain the latter.

Not actually good, but memorably insane.

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Wait! For REALZ?
It um... wow.
It's finally happened. My brain broke.

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The anime is--well, I don't want to say "less insane", but the craziness is toned down. Sort of.
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It's like Rose of Versailles except with zombies instead of sparkly bubbles and swans.
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Wait, you lost me at "the sword of Thor." Sword???

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It is so insane! Cross-level insane! I may have to read #2 in the bookstore just for the heck of it.

I think my favorite part was the footnote mentioning that the girl who can't talk had misspelled something with her building blocks.

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...for some reason I didn't think about there being a manga. The anime is beatiful, but hella weird. Sounds like it's still more coherent than the manga, though. o_O
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I saw an episode of the anime a few months back. It hurt. ;_;

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