This is so insane, I hardly even know where to begin.

The first volume is hard going, with confusing panel layout and scene transitions. In fact, it is so incomprehensible that it put off the series for several years. There's a poorly explained computer game that makes people's heads explode, but luckily it goes away soon. But once you get past that, the manga is full of gorgeous art, fabulous crack, and the best brother-sister incest couple since Annabella and Giovanni in John Ford's Tis Pity She's A Whore.

Setsuna Mudo is a high school student who seems to have no problems other than that he's madly in love with his sister Sara. But that's before he finds out that he's the reincarnation of female Organic Angel Alexiel, kicked out of Heaven for rebelling against God, currently pursued through many lifetimes by her twin brother Inorganic Angel Rosiel, who can't seem to decide whether he wants to kill her, kiss her, re-start the war in Heaven, or just bring about an apocalypse in Tokyo.

Rosiel has a minion, Katan, whom I loved immediately because he looks like Riff from Godchild/Cain Saga. Later his incredibly tragic backstory and Sekrit Identity is revealed, which just makes me love him even more. (This is the sort of story where anyone of note has at least one Sekrit Identity. In some cases, their Sekrit Identities have Sekrit Identities.) Katan is currently a mass of writhing flesh and computer cables (it's a long story) but I'm sure he'll be better soon.

There are not only angels and demons, but also evils. At first I thought this was a bad translation for demon, but apparently not. Two evils come to Earth to protect Setsuna/Alexiel: Kurai, an adorable tomboy, is madly in love with Alexiel and less than impressed with Setsuna; Arachne, a male transvestite, seems mostly along for the ride.

Setsuna has a friend, a tough guy named Kira, who early on remarks about him, "Even before he was born, he was my girl." Kira is awesomely cool beyond cool, and the reveal of his Sekrit Identity is even more excellent than one might expect.

I already love Kira, and also Kurai, Katan, Setsuna, Sara, and Alexiel. Setsuna is definitely the little black dress (goes with everything) of Angel Sanctuary, as I am shipping him madly with both Sara and Kira. (Cutest incest ship ever! Cutest boy-female angel/bad boy-[massive spoiler] ship ever!) Also, Alexiel should marry Kurai, though I'm not sure how that will work out for Setsuna.)

This series is so insane that perhaps the best way to give you a taste of what reading it is like is to just quote some bits.(Not sequential.)

"You're that computer-code, blood-splattered angel from Ruri's place."

"I will go to Hell, and take my tainted heart with me!"

"I'd even thought that if I could kill you and embrace your body as I died, I'd be a happy man."

"Today was just plain weird."

EEEEEEEEE! Kira is Alexiel's sword! Kira the sword has his own spirit sword! Hello, Rachel's kink buttons!

I am bored by the goings-on in Heaven. And wow, is it awful up there! Sort of like SFWA!

I was tremendously amused by Rosiel's plan to destroy Setsuna by... papering the school with blackmailing incest photos! A bit mundane for an archangel!

The revelation of Katan's origins, with the grigor dying for the angels' amusement, was the creepiest thing ever. Heaven is clearly evil. Which means that Heaven's rules, like "don't fuck your sister," are clearly bogus.

Wonder who Sara's the reincarnation of. Was she the samurai in Kira's flashback?

Usually I hate the "save one person you love" vs. "save the world," because the heroes always pick "save one person," which is a choice I cannot respect. But when Setsuna phrased it as "The world I want to save has Kira in it," and "How can I be a savior if I can't protect the ones I love?" I respected that for the first time. Especially as he decides to go for both the ones he loves and the world. Go, Setsuna!

Please, no spoilers past volume 4.

From: [identity profile]

*bites tongue very hard*

*beatific smile*

I predict you are going to adore the endgame.

From: [identity profile]

I agree with the above commenter. Kira gets a thousand times cooler. It's almost unbearable.

Also, LOL at the 'killing you and embracing your dead body.' Oh, Angel Sanctuary. You should try some other stuff of Kaori Yuki's if you haven't already - it's all as shamefully wonderful.

From: [identity profile]

Oh my God I know. (And I just found out it got picked up by Viz at some point??!) It's been a while since I've read it, but it was fantastic. Katan, of course, reminds me of Riff, but Riff is ten times better.

From: [identity profile]

All but the last volume is out from Viz now [do not spoil me for it!], though sadly in the single worst professional translation I've ever come across.

PS. Do you have scans, then? I'd read ahead if I knew where to find them.
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From: [personal profile] octopedingenue

hi there kink buttons indeed KIRA IS THE BESTEST EXAMPLE OF MANGA REINCARNATION EVER also I saw him first THAT IS ALL

From: [identity profile]

Oh, cool! Wow, you actually had intelligent commentary, as opposed to my incoherent flailing.
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From: [personal profile] oyceter

Not saying anything!

OMG SWORD! Is it not awesome? Kira gets EVEN MORE AWESOME too! Is that spoilery? It's vol. 4 and there are 16 more to go.

Katan is currently a mass of writhing flesh and computer cables (it's a long story) but I'm sure he'll be better soon.

Wow. I completely forgot about that. (This is one of those series that is always great to reread because my head just cannot keep track of all the crazy plot.)

The slog through v 5-8ish is pretty boring, but you will be rewarded with revelations made of awesome. And then it just keeps going!
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From: [personal profile] chomiji

>> Katan is currently a mass of writhing flesh and computer cables (it's a long story) but I'm sure he'll be better soon.<<

OK, you made me laugh - and considering the evening I've had, that was quite something! Thanks!

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I keep meaning to read it because everyone's so pretty.

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A long time ago, I saw this awesome AMV for this series and really really wanted to get into it, but every time it was explained, I got a head rush. I my have to live vicariously through your recountings. =)

Also? Lemme know if you want that video. It rocks.
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From: [personal profile] oyceter

Oh, um, completely random bystander wondering if she can have it too?

From: [identity profile]

Same as above! Enjoy and again, might be spoilers, dunno, haven't read the books.

From: [identity profile]


I read the first issue of Angel Sanctuary a year or two ago and found it too confusing and offputting for my tastes, but you make it sound very alluring if one keeps with it, so maybe after I finish Godchild and its precursor The Cain Saga I'll make another attempt on Angel Sanctuary. Thanks for the temptation!

All that aside, I'm also really enjoying your summaries of Gundam Wing disc by disc.
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From: [personal profile] oyceter

Re: Alluring

The first volume is fairly incoherent, particularly with the weird computer game subplot. Also, the villain manifests in all sorts of people, which always confuses me! And the panel layout is incoherent. It definitely gets better, though vols. 5-8ish are a bit of a slog.

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