The series sure picked up once they got out of Hell level one, or wherever those interminable battles were going on. Also, the covers are just devastatingly beautiful. I think I need the art book.

The only other non-spoilery thing I can say is that the proofreading is nearly as horrible as Godchild. Here's a list of the tortures of Hell: "The spider, the rack, the pear of anguish." The pear of anguish! I want a flashing icon with the bok choy of D00M, the pineapple of therapy, and the pear of anguish.

ETA: Oh, wait, for once I unfairly maligned the Viz proofreading team. Turns out that's not a misprint for spear, but an actual (and really gruesome) torture device.

So Kira is not only the reincarnation of Nanatsusaya, Alexiel's demon sword, but Nanatsusaya is the reincarnation of Lucifer! Awesome! Mad Hatter + Kira/Lucifer 4EVAR!!!

All things Kira and Mad Hatter continue to be the highlights of this series, as far as I'm concerned. I could stare forever at pictures of Kira sitting grimly on the floor clutching his sword. I also loved the moment when Kira, bleeding from a wound that he hasn't bothered to bandage because I guess when you normally heal instantly you don't get used to doing first aid, muses that once he dies, he'll go back to being Nanatsusaya, and it won't be all that bad, really, though he'll never get to touch anyone again... And Kurai is so overcome that she hugs him! Awesome! It is so rare that when I'm thinking, "So-and-so could really use a hug," they actually get one.

So apparently the Mad Hatter loves Lucifer, but will stop loving him if he ever loves her/him back, so he/she lives for that bare instant of fulfillment before it all goes down in flames? Awesome! Yes, indeed, an androgynous clown-face Satan ought to have such a magnificently fucked-up goal in unlife.

The bit where the Mad Hatter reconsitutes him/herself from blood and eyeballs to heal Kira and warn him that he's down to his last hit point was excellently creepy.

To attempt to recap the plot, insofar as that is humanly possible:

Boyz dies; nobody cares, including Kaori Yuki.

Setsuna finally gets his own body back.

Arachne, rather unsurprisingly, turns out to be the Mad Hatter's plant and motivated by an absurdly complicated backstory involving love and hate. I am now totally unsurprised when anyone in this series is motivated by loving and hating the same person (who might actually be several people, metaphysically speaking) whom they want to save and destroy. Bye, Arachne! Or maybe not! Death seems very much a shift in state rather than a permanent exit around here.

Kurai almost becomes the bride of Lucifer, which I must say would not at all be a bad destiny of it didn't involve being sacrificed immediately after the wedding. She also bonds adorably with a sad demon-dragon, whom she cheers up by means of little birdie flappy gargoyle friends.

Sara turns out to be the reincarnation of Jibril/Gabriel, not God, as I had earlier surmised, or at any rate, not yet. I love Sara. She's so spunky! Luckily, I do not hate spunk.

Sevothtarte is evil. So is God. Raziel gets a bunch of adorable orphans* murdered, very unsurprisingly. But (surprisingly) Zaphikel turns out to be a terrorist fallen angel rebel against Heaven! Go, Zaphikel!

*Am I the only one who envisioned iAngels (Improper Angels) as an iAngel silhouette rocking out to an iPod?

In conclusion, I want more Mad Hatter + Kira/Lucifer/Nanatsusaya (4EVAR).
oyceter: teruterubouzu default icon (Default)

From: [personal profile] oyceter


And yes! Insane angsty Mad Hatter who doesn't think he/she's worthy! Of Lucifer's love!

I love Kurai so much!

And eee! You got to Sara as Gabriel! Sara is my favorite of the spunky sisters/lovers/both of Gothic shoujo (see: Kotori).

I desperately want Mad Hatter + Lucifer/Kira/Nanatsusaya or Mad Hatter + Kurai or really anything with those characters. Also, I want more more more Alexiel/Lucifer!

Also also, the best thing about the Lucifer reveal is that it was foreshadowed! I think when Setsuna first goes down to hell, he sees the giant face that everyone says is Lucifer and says something about how it looks like Kira.

From: [identity profile]

Mad Hatter + Lucifer/Kira/Nanatsusaya

That just might be the Best Pairing Ever.

You love me enough to make me a flashing bok choy of D00M/pear of anguish/etc icon when your icon-making thingies are ready, right?

oyceter: teruterubouzu default icon (Default)

From: [personal profile] oyceter

I do! Although I need to find a scan of the pear of anguish -- do you know what page or volume it's in?

Also! Read Mely's fic! I think you can read it now without spoilers:

My favorites are The Language of Angels and Bindings, and then there is a reincarnation one in Shanghai just for me!
ext_6428: (angel sanctuary (mad hatter))

From: [identity profile]

You didn't even mention the part where Alexiel attempts to seduce Kira so she can kill him in the middle of sex! It is my favorite part ever!

From: [identity profile]

As Kaori Yuki hopefully suggests we do earlier, I think I got dizzy and fainted.
ext_6428: (Default)

From: [identity profile]

Also, there are *two* art books. I must get the second one. An embarassment of riches!

From: [identity profile]

You do know that the pear of anguish is a real thing, right?

And not a nice one, either.

From: [identity profile]

Good Lord. No! I assumed it was a misprint for "spear," given the other typos in the series. ICK.

From: [identity profile]

One that seems to be my unwanted synchronicity for the month, also, as it turned up in an episode of Criminal Minds recently.


Character A: "Hey, what's this?"

Character B (A torture survivor, for maximum irony....): "...the pear of anguish..."

Character A: *Gets it*

From: [identity profile]

ZOMFG, you pre-empted me (I remember when I had to quick explain to T what a bastinado was during a Buffy ep).

From: [identity profile]

Heh. I had great fun explaining to some of the people on the CM list that yo, the BASTINADO HURTS. Spencer is not a sissy for screaming. And he doesn't have much flesh on his feet to soak up the impact.

Get a big ol' wooden spoon and try it sometime, you don't believe me.

From: [identity profile]

I will deal in poison with thee, or in bastinado, or in steel

DUDE obviously those people never saw Midnight Express. Or read an Amnesty Int'l report. The oldest forms of torture are usually the best, or at least, the ones that've worked the best -- or worst -- down over the centuries/millennia....the feet are goood places to hit, man, you need them to stand on and they have all those great tiny crunchy little bones that take for-fucking-ever to heal up. Esp if they're not set right and you still have to walk around on them afterwards (maximum torture, minimum effort!).

....oh dear, we have weird hobbies, don't we....
oyceter: teruterubouzu default icon (Default)

From: [personal profile] oyceter

I laughed so much at your ETA, because of course Yuki Kaori would have painstakingly researched devices of torture!

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