I meant to do standard "winner of # 1 faces winner of # 2" bracketing, but was forced to shake it up as the contenders in the "You have to shoot your beloved pet" category tied. Also, I added a couple that I forgot last time. Katherine Paterson now has her own category!

[Poll #1139019]

From: [identity profile] janni.livejournal.com

See, I wanted her to run away and become famous and have an amazing life and turn up her nose at her sister after that!

Maybe I'd have a kinder take on simply managing to build a life, now. :-) I very much like Tehanu now, after all, and I hated that book when I first read it. (And went from "why isn't Tenar having adventures?" to "Wow, look at this real and fulfilling life she managed to build in spite of her twisted childhood.")

From: [identity profile] lady-ganesh.livejournal.com

My husband never has gotten over Ged losing his magic.

From: [identity profile] trude.livejournal.com

I had massive sister-issues myself as a kid, so I suspect that Jacob have I loved was kind of cathartic to me. Though the ending was a bit of a let-down, and part of me still wish that Louise (?) had stuck to her original game-plan and worked as used her qualifications as a nurse to get into med school, even if I think the last scene is about her getting some perspective on her childhood.
(OTOH, the ending to Of Nightingales that weep creeped me out to no end when I was younger.)

I never read Tehanu, because as long as I don't Tenar can do whatever she wants with her life. ;-)

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