I note merely for posterity that I have now commandeered someone else's kitchen to bake cookies because of a dream. Or, as Yoon said, the soul of the universe told me to.

Two nights ago I had a lucid dream in which I was on a shuttle bus in New York City. It was very dull but I couldn't escape. Then some dude on the bus started eating cookies, and it occurred to me that since it was a dream, I might be able to get my purse to materialize cookies. So I mentally commanded, "Cookies!" And I reached into my purse, and lo! Cookies! Entemann's English toffee cookies, which they might have stopped making because I can never find them any more. After that, I got my purse to materialize a bottle of water.

So I went to Yoon's place and demanded that we attempt to recreate those cookies. We used Hershey's Skor bars and a random recipe off the net that suggested Heath toffee. Maybe my dream was prophetic after all: they were delicious.

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I once had a dream where in Ryan from The O.C. gave me a recipe for teriyaki chicken because I was having family over and didn't know what else to make them (in all likely hood it was a recipe I'd seen on Martha Stewart at some point, but Ryan was way cuter). It was possibly the most helpful anxiety dream I've ever had, and the family that really -was- coming over the next night loved it.

...I'm reminded that I should try and make that chicken again. Heh!

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Gosh, the bakery in the town I grew up in used to make those, big ones. I remember vividly the caramelized melted toffee that had flattened out on the bottom of the cookies---the way it tasted and the texture contrast with the cookie and chocolate. Wow.

Somebody was making coffee-heath-bar-crunch ice cream for a while---was it Haagen Dazs?

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