I read the first volume way back when, but the second one only recently. Perhaps I was put off, despite the appealingly deranged story, by the art style (skinny bodies and bobbleheads.)

Once there was a great, great, great-- no-- phenomenally amazing man, the Emperor Idea! He ruled the world! (Except, as we learn later, a city called Disorder.) But now he is dead, leaving all in confusion and sorrow.

Until his amnesiac, telekinetic clone named Rose is created. Rose (yes, male) is taken in by a mysterious man named Eiri who rather resembles a bobbleheaded Hakkai (polite and kind yet vaguely sketchy; missing an eye, wears a monocle) and Eiri's companion, the thoroughly badass whip-wielding Ririka.

Rose's main goal is not to be Idea-- to have his own personality and be accepted as an individual. And yet everyone, except perhaps Ririka, is only interested in him insofar as he might take Idea's place. He's taken into the palace, where assorted solicitous butlers and coutiers attempt to make him into the new Emperor, and others try to assassinate him.

And then the plot get even wackier...

Idea's body is kidnapped and re-cloned! The new (evil) clone kisses Rose because "most people never get a chance to kiss themselves." There is eyeball-switching and a pair of genetically engineered fairies. And a random demon. Also a Latin-reciting cloner who has Eiri's other eyeball.

Very entertaining if you can get over the bobbleheads, thoroughly cracky, and much more coherent than Fairy Cube, though far less pretty.
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