Links to all the Yuletide stories I've ever written.

I really wanted to write a story for [ profile] ionescribens. But two of her fandoms this year were too intimidating (Dunnett and Austen) and two I’m not familiar with. So I did something that ought to be reserved for a New Year’s Resolution, and wrote a story featuring Tom Quinn, Worst Spy Ever, her favorite character in a fandom she requested last year, MI-5 aka Spooks.

The Drop

I was worried that it wouldn’t be what she wanted, since she requested cheer in general and it came out extremely angsty. Luckily she liked it anyway!

The story has spoilers through 3x02, for Tom’s fate on the show. And for those of you who watched further, yes, that’s Ros he’s speaking to.

If you don’t know the series but want to read the story anyway, some brief, spoilery, but need-to-know background is under the cut.

Tom Quinn was fired from MI-5 after having a nervous breakdown and going temporarily crazy during an operation.

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Both my stories this year were bittersweet--more bitter than sweet--but in both cases, the characterization so good, and the writing so deft, I loved them even though I am a total sap for HEA.
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You wrote that? I thought it was marvelous. Yay!

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