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Haven't read Reservation Blues - but if it's half as good as Absolutely True Diary of a Part-Time Indian then it's well worth getting. And from what people tell me, Reservation Blues is actually better.
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Eh, IMO Reservation Blues is the weakest of Alexie's prose novels -- which is not to say that it's BAD, not by a long shot; but it's his first novel, and at times it shows a little bit that he's adjusting to working in a new format. But even at his weakest Junior always delivers a damn good read. And if you like this one, it might be a good jumping point to work backwards to his earlier poetry, where you'll see some of the themes (and many of the characters) dealt with in this book making their first appearances.

I'd also WHOLE-HEARTEDLY recommend the "soundtrack album" of the same name done in collaboration with Colville singer/songwriter/guitarist Jim Boyd. (If you've seen "Smoke Signals", you've already heard a couple of these songs on the movie soundtrack.) If folks are interested, I can post a couple of sample tracks to tempt you into buying whet your interest...