Taco truck plus Twitter plus Korean barbecue plus social phenomenon equals news story.

It started with a 4 a.m. glass of Champagne and a carne asada taco after a night of serious bar hopping. Thirty-year-old Mark Manguera was sitting with his 25-year-old sister-in-law, Alice Shin (his wife Caroline was already sleeping soundly), when the taste of L.A.'s most ubiquitous street food caused him to have a drunken revelation.

"I'm biting into my taco and it dawned on me, 'Alice, wouldn't it be great if someone put Korean barbecue on a taco?,' " recalls Manguera, who is Filipino but married into a Korean family.

No, I haven't tried Kogi, though the Venice Beach vegan black sesame seed jelly special makes me really want to, but I have now added this to the LA pantheon of fusion cuisine, from the kosher Chinese restaurants to Oki Dog's pastrami burrito. (I did try the latter. Once.)

Kogi Korean BBQ taco truck. Do watch the video.

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Do want! Not standing in line for 2 hours to get it, though. Or, um, driving down there. *cries* Let us know what you think if you ever get the chance!

My town's not quite as creative, though we do have an Indian pizza place and an Afghan-Italian place. Good stuff. I love fusion when it's done for the right reasons--i.e., because somebody with good chef's instincts thinks "Hey, this would taste good!" and is proven correct. I'll never forget the evolution of the look on my Japanese friend's face the first time she tasted a Philly roll at the local otherwise totally traditional Japanese place where they smoke their own salmond (vaguely repulsed skepticism --> bliss, quickly followed by "Crap, I can't eat this anywhere when I go back to Japan! Dammit!"). hahaha.
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I think I tried the pastrami burrito once, circa 1981...

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Mmm. That looks good! Next time I'm in L.A., let's go.
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I wonder if the Korean bbq place I go to would object to my bringing in tacos.

Hm, one of my favorite dishes there is pork belly (think: sort of Asian bacon) and squid in a spicy sauce with veggies. Putting that atop some rice in a taco might be pretty damn tasty, too....

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I maintain that anything that tastes good on/with rice would taste good in a tortilla.

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Want! (Of course, I want regular taco trucks, too. Sadly, they do not patrol the streets of Minneapolis.)

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Kogi's pretty good. Went up to UCLA with some coworkers while on bicycles. (Even made their flickr feed.) My favorite was the korean style hot dog, though their quesadilla was yummy, too.

Of the tacos, I preferred the short rib.

LA Food makes me happy, save for the complete and utter fail of good chinese restaurants on the west side.
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Cheng Du on Pico near Gateway (about a block west of Fantasy Island) is pretty good. My favorite is Canton Kitchen on Venice a block or so west of Centinela. Takeout only, no dine in or delivery, but their food looks and tastes like homemade.

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Centinela is my emergency alternate commute route when the 405 is packed like sardines, so I will definitely have a look at Canton Kitchen sometime. (I prefer Hunan or Szechuan style, but I won't turn down good Cantonese.)

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OMG, I would get so damn fat if there were Korean barbecue tacos available around me.

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