Thank you very much, everyone! Wow, Americans are neurotic when it comes to refrigerating stuff.

Come to think of it, I ate tons of eggs in India and we only had a refrigerator the last year I was there, so unless they were coming straight from the hen they were sitting around at some point, and in extremely high heat too. Though maybe they did come straight from the hen. They were so much better than any American egg I have ever had, by the way, even the best organic supposedly-free-range ones: bright orange yolks and an intensity of flavor never found here. Woes. But that wasn't because they weren't refrigerated, it was because the hens ran around and ate bugs and scraps and stuff.

I made shortbread with the butter. Pro: texture is fantastic. Con: I reduced the sugar because normally recipes contain too much for my taste, and... they're not sweet enough. Very buttery, but a little bland.

What can I do? I have a lot of shortbread, and I'm not sure the neighbor's teenage son would like it as is. (I normally give him my excess baked goods. He is fifteen and growing.) Should I spread jam on it? Sprinkle it with powdered sugar? Spread icing on it? Bueller?
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From: [personal profile] gramina

Strawberries. Lightly sweetened whipped cream.

I know it's shortbread, not shortcake, so it's more cookie-like than bread-like (despite the name) but seriously -- it is *so good.*

Even just the shortbread and the whipped cream is amazing.
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From: [personal profile] ajollypyruvate

Yeah, this. Or maybe some Devonshire cream. (Nom!)

You can put the cookies and strawberries in a bowl, smoosh them up a bit (crumbles the cookies and releases delicious strawberry juice without losing the strawberry), then add the cream-y stuff.

Vanilla ice cream! As either a base or a topping to cookies.
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From: [personal profile] cofax7

Put a chocolate layer on it? Something that is liquid and hardens as it cools.
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I think jam would be nice -- a good contrast with the shortbread (and they make shortbread cookies with jam in, so it's been tried before!). I think icing would be too much fat in one blob, and powdered sugar would be weird.
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OMG OMG, dunk the shortbread in chocolate! Faaaaaaaaaaaabulousness.

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I like shortbread with lemon curd. It's a strong flavor that will mask the blandness.

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Thanks! And hi! I obviously still read lj, but have not felt compelled to post and only feel moved to comment on the most random things. I don't really get it either.
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Shortbread is great for dipping or using as a mild substrate for rich, flavorful stuff -- chocolate ganache, dulce de leche, lemon curd, etc. -- it's also delicious dipped in melted chocolate. (That recipe suggests bittersweet choc., but if the shortbread is seriously bland and insufficiently sweet, maybe semisweet dark or even a good dark-milk chocolate would be better to balance it out?)

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Seconding the chocolate. You can also melt the chocolate and drizzle it over the shortbread instead of dipping it in. Either way works great. I would go for semi-sweet, as in Ghiradelli chips. Mmmmmm.
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Also, if you don't have a double boiler and are worried about scorching the chocolate trying to melt it on the stove, don't fret -- it's very easy to melt chocolate in the microwave instead. Just use the defrost/lowest-power setting you have and stir it frequently so you don't get any scorched/cooked bits.
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We made orange cookies that were supposed to be dipped in chocolate. One of the steps was to sprinkle them with regular sugar after they came out of the oven -- we thought this would make them too sweet, so on the first batch, we skipped it. They were very bland. We sprinkled sugar on the next batch and they tasted much better.

So you might heat the cookies enough for the sugar to melt a bit and sprinkle some on top -- and actually, I've seen shortbread with large grains of sugar sprinkled on top before. So that may help. (I think jam or pumpkin butter or something along those lines also sounds excellent, though.)
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You can crumble it and use it as the bottom crust for lemon or orange bars or mousse or other desserts that require a crumbly bottom crust.
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Ooooh, great idea -- I bet a shortbread-crumbcrust would taste amazing for a key lime pie.

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My mum always sprinkled sugar on top...

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Lavender icing? Though honestly I'd be skipping straight to the lemon curd idea myself; any excuse for lemon curd is a good excuse.

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I'd mostly second the lemon curd or chocolate ideas (or strawberry jam would also be nice), but if you want something a bit less intense, you could dust it with vanilla sugar.

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Also, the next time you make it, you are probably a little light on salt, which is why so many pastries in the world are bland and disappointing. Not a ton, but some salt is needful.

mmm, lemon curd.
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Yes, this -- also for a recipe as simple as shortbread, simply substituting unsalted butter for salted can be enough to make a noticeable difference in the taste of the final product -- what kind of butter were you using, Rachel? King Arthur Flour strongly recommends using salted butter for shortbread since there's almost no liquid in the recipe, so adding salt after the fact is likely not to work optimally.

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I second the melted chocolate, especially if it's a little dark to cut the buttery blandness of the shortbread. Shortbread with melted chocolate is one of my very favorite cookies.

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I've read that eggs that have been washed, like commercial eggs, don't keep as long. (I haven't had a chance to check this.)

Just today by coincidence I snapped some photos of an American egg yolk together with a real egg's -- I'd been reduced to buying some supermarket eggs -- organic free-range ones -- and they're just bogglingly yellow and watery next to a real one. (Have you tried Frenzs? From New Zealand at a dollar an egg.)

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I love a thick jam on shortbread. Mmmmm!

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